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The world of football (soccer) is changing drastically, with each passing years. From the introduction of VAR (Video Assistance Referees) down to the upcoming generation of players.

But I'm just gonna focus on, the wonder kids or let me say the newgens (WonderBoys) in the current world of Football.

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We all believe, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, have been the best of the Best of there generation and every upcoming player do look up to them as there idol.

For example, Kylian Mpappe, idolises Cristiano Ronaldo as his idol.

Well, it's funny, so many players work so hard to be like this two iconic players. But truth be told, this legendary players are of a different planet and way out there leagues.

Let's not drift away. There time are fast coming to an end. Like it or not, and there are good and promising players who I think or probably, you (readers) might have one or numerous opinions about it.

Players who have potentials to take and shock the very foundation of football to it's core.

We have the likes of Kylian Mpappe, Haaland Erling, Bukayo Saka, Fiorentio Luis, Jude Bellingham, Alphonso Davies and so much more I can't remember.

But believe me, when I say this newgens have what or the capacity to step up to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Even if not close to what they have achieved in life.

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They can set there own records that'surely will be remembered in Generations to come.

Top 10 Golden Boyz (Wonderkids)

Please, do join me let's take a view of this video above.. And drop your comments below. Let me know your own opinion!.