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Let's try to figure out what is the new footballer I ll try to hide from you :-)

The rules are the same : I give you some guidance and you will try to find the answer throughout the comment part.

The oldest ones are still available, do not hesitate to go to have a check and try to figure it out :-).
Like this one : ->
or this one ->

For the new enigma we are looking for international player

  • I ve took the place of Ludovic Giuly for my first ever pro game
  • I won almost everything except the world cup
  • I ve got 142 international selections for 71 goals
  • I m one of the best goal scorer of football's history
  • I ve always played for one and only club and I keep playing for it
  • I scored more than 600 goals

who am I ?

Please give your answer in the comment (upvote and resteem if you want to make this game trendy and allow me to offer prizes in a close future)

N:B : I plan to offer prize in a close future for thoses who will crack the answers, but to do so I need if you are fancy to help me, do not hesitate.



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