Be Love

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love does not make a difference between small and big people,
love does not differentiate between races of people,
love makes no distinction between rich and poor,
love makes no distinction between beautiful and a little less beautiful, and
You don't just have love for yourself, you have it so you can give it easily to someone else,
love is no different, no matter how much you give,
love is self-evident because love holds together in good and bad,
love builds everything beautifully,
love is in good and bad,
love is in health and disease,
love is in wealth and poverty,
love is selfless help, love jr sincerity and trust and
love connects people of heart,
love is patience and forgiveness,
love is harmony, coexistence, warmth,
love is humility, the awareness that from the good it happens even better.
Be love, start with yourself,
a lot changes when you first become all that you want from others.


Image: photography from my LG Q7

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