Beautiful yellow fields lifts the mood of all that have a romantic souls


Oilseed rape
Rapeseed oil is considered a very healthy oil, but be careful when buying, especially in the way it is processed, it must be processed in an organic way, this is the only way to avoid pesticides, herbicides and so on. The oil production process is also important, as some may show traces of solvent in the oil used in the heat treatment.


Rapeseed oil is very healthy, but when you buy it, only these should be cold pressed and grown organically.


Rapeseed is also used to make biodiesel. Rape seeds are first crushed and the oil is dried with organic solvents. The oil that will be used for technical purposes is sold unrefined. Thus, it is used for tanning leather, for lubricating machine parts and the like. For biodiesel, the oil needs to be further processed.


Fields full of rapeseed are very popular for beekeepers, bees love rapeseed.


Oilseed rape is also a very beautiful yellow flowering plant, larger and flowering fields are attractive. The very sight of the beautiful yellow fields lifts the mood of all at least a little romantic souls.

Image: photography from my LG Q6

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