Love 💞 grow in love in closeness and distance

in #worldofxpilar3 months ago


I want to tell you that I am sorry for the
distance between you and me,
I am practicing to, to stay whole,
just as you do,
and I am sorry for the silence between
me and you,
I am practicing to deeply listen to myself
just as you do, and
I am sorry for the slow pace,
but you decited that you need time to put
yourself on first place as i must do to put
myself on first place.

Since I still want to give you love,
give you more love than I would give myself
and I want to give you more importance to
you and prioritize you over me.

I am sorry if I seem to much interested in
you, and I want to control you.
You know that my heart is warm, loving,
alive and open to give you love.

I will wait, till you be love again, be whole
again in your heart, and i am not in fear,
i know we are meant to be, we are one.

While at the same time I keep loving myself
as you will love yourself.

I feel no need to control you anymore,
I just want you to take care of yourself
as I do for myself.

It is not your job to safe me,
rescue me or protect me,
I know for a long time that
is my job to do all by my self.

So we can meet in love again.

I have no fear of losing nor
i want to rise in love,
grow in love in closeness and distance.

To be love.

Image: photography from my LG Q7