Wildflower series - Wild asparagus

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asparagus suaveolens.jpg

Apparently the shoots of the asparagus suaveolens shrub are edible although due to the tiny size, I think you'd have to have a huge field full of these plants to collect enough to eat. It's only the small shoots with tiny, needle-like leaves, known as cladodes that are edible, the plant stems are woody and thorny and the entire small bush is rather tough and prickly. Another name for is "Katdoring" which means "cat-thorn"

asparagus suaveolens2.jpg

The roots of this plant are used medicinally as a treatment for epilepsy and research suggests that it is able to bind to GABA-benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, which would have an anti-convulsant effect. Reference: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8110273_Activity_of_a_traditional_South_African_epilepsy_remedy_in_the_GABA-benzodiazepine_receptor_assay


Very useful information, thanks!

Very interesting property of this plant.
They always say that the good, usually has thorns. So in normal life.
A pleasure to visit you, dear @nikv.

Hello @armonia! most things that grow here are either thorny or poisonous in some way

Is it fragrant?

Nice little plant that is built for survival.

As is everything in this neighbourhood ;)

Love the dainty white flowers! But this is a thorny bush!! My gardener would really complain about this. The lemon plants in our garden already give us enough scratches!

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It doesn't really get grown in gardens very much

Pretty! The outline of the asparagus is amazing. The composition and color in this shot couldn't be more perfect. Very nice contrast of softness and vibrance! love your style my friend nikv.

We also grow this plant. Here is the asparagus in this photo.

The flowers are super adorable!

Aren't they! It's a very cute little bush. Just don't try touching it: you can't see the thorns but you will feel them

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