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Blockchain technology as changed our lifes for the better by offering more and more clever ideas that solve global problems. One of the most global problems affecting all corners of our planet is environmental pollution and global warming. This is due in large part to the production of electricity, the production of which spends natural resources and after their processing waste is released that pollute the environment. To date, it is clear that natural resources are being excised, and the gas content of our planet leads to climate change and the destruction of the atmospheric layer.
Therefore, at the world level, the task now is to search for alternative energy sources using renewable resources, such as solar energy or water, from which it is possible to obtain the so-called "green energy". The production of "green energy" is now receiving huge investments, including at the state level, because this is a priority task for the entire world community. The technology blockchain could not bypass this industry side and represents the WPP ENERGY project.

WPP ENERGY solution

WPP gives a genuine waste to vitality advances that goes route past the customary incinerator and past standard gasification forms. We advance propelled innovation that authorizations for 100% transformation of waste to vitality and by items in a safe and earth cheerful way.

Our built up demonstrated Waste to Energy innovation has a Ravagement Abstraction Efficiency of 99.99%, changes over 1000 tone pre-portrayed day by day limit of Municipal Solid Wastes or other dangerous materials, for example, PCBs, Oil slime, old tires, and so forth into 60 Megawatts for every hour of electrical puissance, in addition to 40 Mwh of steam intensity. Our loss to vitality offices are particular and can be worked to oblige the essentials required (ie. 5,000+ tone day by day limit of MSW, up to 400 Megawatts for each hour Maximum electrical yield. We furnish a quintessential turnkey ventures beginning with a plan stage to appointing, including up to 100% financing.
It is important to mention that WPP ENERGY has more than 40 years of experience. During this period of time, they combined all available methods of green energy extracting and decided to share own solutions with the world.

This project already has a lot of contracts for green energy providing all over the world. They make government looks closer to their solutions and its efficiency.
That is a kind of energy marketplace. People all over the world can use it to buy green energy for their needs.
This is all about technology. Different stations, tools, and solutions for green energy extraction.
It is possible to say that WPP ENERGY is a kind of alternative world which can change the game rules. Project’s CEO (Rafael Ben) is a very important person with wide connections. He is a kind of engine which makes WPP ENERGY be more and more popular.

Advantages of WPP Energy

Committed government power supply contracts covering a 35 year period valued at over $6B USD and with accompanying private purchase agreements.
Instant low cost clean energy power source for those wishing to unplug from their current overpriced energy provider and enjoy their own efficient, very low cost, clean independent power source. The technology used converts water
into clean electricity.
Wholesale digital platform connecting energy buyers and sellers worldwide. Power production data from Green Energy producers around the world streams into the platform. Supply is offered at wholesale prices to seeks of affordable green energy sources.
WPP’s second platform will aggregate the various Cryptocurrencies in the marketplace that are related to Energy and Crypto Mining into a new exchange platform. Increased liquidity for all by allowing the various currencies to trade
against one another.


image (4).png

Private Sale Price: $0.16
Pre ITO Sale Price: $0.20
Pre ITO Sale Terms: flat rate that does not change over the 62 days, commencing July 1st and ending 62 days later on September 1st.
The purpose of the Pre ITO sale is to commence development of the two digital blockchain platforms and to launch the Green Energy Rebate program. WPP Energy believes that our cryptocurrency initiative should be self funding.
The ITO crowd-sale which follows will raise capital on a larger scale to accelerate deployment of our 3 physical HHO energy solutions around the world and to invest in our government projects business and also build out our two digital platforms.

WEBSITE: https://wppenergy.io//
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/WPPEnergy
WHITEPAPER: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXWicQvqXSCfTLf8R-Tf8uw/featured?view_as=subscriber

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