Wrestling and Depression! The World’s Worst Tag Team (Part 2)

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Wrestling and Depression…The World’s Worst Tag Team (Part 2)


Wrestling and Depression!


• Introduced myself 

• Gave you guys a brief insight into how I live with ADHD

• Spoke about my passion for wrestling

• Discussed my issues with allowing people to love me

• Conversed about the possibility of me loving the world

• …..Talked about depression.

Life has its ups and it’s down.

No s**t Sherlock.

I’ve been inactive recently mainly due to the fact that I’ve been going through a whole load of downs while also wrestling up and down the country. I’ve spent around 8 hours travelling between cities only to spend around 20 minutes all together in an actual physical ring. 

I don’t regret a single second of it.

I’ve learned a lot this week about myself and my emotional well-being.

I find it easier to connect with people during my hardest moments. So high fiving a kid in the front row and telling him “you’re awesome” actually made my day! And hopefully his (:

When my music hits my life changes.

No. I do not embrace a different side of me.

Instead the depressed borderline suicidal 19 year old fades away and out comes the bright faced happy go lucky kid I want myself to be again.

Wrestling is beautiful.

I has helped me form friendships with people I would never be friends with.

It has brought me back to my place of happiness. 

It has bridged a gap that needed to be filled in my life.

Without wrestling I would be dead.

And that is just a fact of life.

People come and people go but god dammit I hope wrestling or that feeling of happiness never dies because I thrive of it. It powers me. It drives me to work harder than ever before.

Wrestling is fun.

I always want it to be fun.

Maybe one day I’ll be in the WWE looking back at these posts and saying to myself.

“You did it kid”

My depression as of right now is slowly killing me, but I don’t want to die because I know that there’s people out there who need somebody to raise awareness about mental health speak the truth and remove the negative stigma around the words “Mental Health”. 

Life is a beautiful thing and wrestling is helping me discover that.

I’ll be back posting near daily again.

This was just a long tangent but I feel better now so I guess it’s accomplished something

Love you all,


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