The author tells the story with the title "Arrogant Pegy Merpati" as below

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Arrogant Pegy Pigeon

One, two, three, the flapping of bird's wings repeated faintly in the wide blue sky. It is still very early in the morning, the cold air that is inhaled can freeze the air sacs.

Aro is a sparrow with a small and agile body, while Pegy is a dove who doesn't like to work hard to get things. The two birds have opposing characteristics.

"What were you up to so early?" asked Pegy.

"I'm making a nest. You see, the rice fields are not too crowded yet. I can freely take straw without human interference," Aro replied. Because yesterday, the kids nosily took Aro's nest and some of her eggs when she went to find food.

While yawning, Pegy advised Aro not to be sad. Then Pegy asked Aro, "You want to learn to me how to own a place to live without having to bother?"

Without waiting for Aro's answer, Pegy immediately showed her skills in front of a young man who happened to be passing by her. Pegy pretended to fall from the branch, injuring her leg. And the young man immediately took Pegy home to be treated. Pegy winked at Aro as if giving a signal to Aro, who just sat perched on an acacia tree watching Pegy's pretend action.

Arriving home, the young man immediately treated Pegy, provided food and did not forget to also make a nest for her to live in. Pegy was well cared for and cared for by the young man and showed his arrogant face as if he was saying that he didn't have to bother looking for food, while Aro had to struggle alone to find food to survive.

After a while, Pegy came over to Aro, "Hi Aro, how are you?" asked Pegy.

"Wow, Pegy, I thought you forgot me. Your hair is so clean, your body looks fuller too," said Aro praising.

Pegy proudly boasted of the young man who took care of her and insulted Aro by saying Aro was getting thinner and unkempt. Pegy also said that Aro doesn't seem like the one who can easily find food without bothering by relying on his face to be compassionate by humans.

But Aro remains with his determination, as long as he still has wings and is still able to find food, he will not want to beg from anyone, because Aro is more proud of his own efforts than being pityed by others.

As time went by, Pegy never came to visit Aro again. But now Aro is much better than before, even now Aro is no longer living alone, because now Aro already has four children. His body filled up, his chirp became bolder and he even flew higher and higher.

In contrast to Pegy, thanks to her arrogance she received a reward where she lived a hard life because her employer never returned home. No one cared for her and gave her food, so she had to go out to find food on her own. But tragedy comes to block and makes Pegy weak and helpless until she is injured. But Aro is willing to help even though Pegy is always arrogant to him.

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