Fire - Lyrics by Another Poet

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Yah... What do we know about that fire?

Said what do we know about that fire?

Well I know a bit about that fire so let me preach to the choir.

It's hot like the sun and give you no reason to doubt it. It vaporizes what it meets and leaves a vision thats clouded.

Said its fire... that comes from a spark... And it's fire that lights up the dark. Its fire that can creep up on you from wherever you are.

Ain't no stopping that fire when its making its art.

It'll burn everything down as it starts from the ground from the underbrush to the canopy's tree tops and if you give it that oxygen to breathe, you'll see that it can't be stopped.

See the fire that burns in my heart.. Is the same passion that inspired these bars.

Yah that fire that burns in my heart comes from the same stuff that fuels the stars.

Think you've got what it takes to be an MC? Try to master the flow...

Final Thoughts

Here are some brand new lyrics to fuel creativity in fellow Steemians today. I hope this gets the imagination flowing here. Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Another Poet

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Its the fire that burns at the centre of our core, fueling the desire to keep pushing for more

Living life in circles may seem mundane, like a tedious chore,
but if you let the fire inside ignite your path, you never know what you might be in for! - NicKnightshade 🤘 🎶

@anotherpoet, I don't know what you meant by your previous comment, this is great dude! Even inspired me to write a line or two haha

NicKnightshade Edited old school.jpg

Well you got my vote and approval for that fire contribution. This was the one I wasn't feeling so hot on but we are always our own worst critic eh? Thanks buddy.

Yea dude! excuse the flammable puns in this post! bahaha

Haha! Love the puns man! Don't be a stranger around here! I'm totally pumped to chop it up with another artist.

Haha thanks dude, I'm busy writing a Steem-Punk tune for my band, inspired by a Future on Steem ;) Will let you know when lyrics are done... such a mission writing with a theme in mind

Nice poetry dear

Happy you enjoyed it! Stringing words together is my specialty.

keep the fire burning love


Lovely lyrics. Always lovely posts from you.

I hope you will like my travel blog also.
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Thanks! Happy you liked this!

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