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Illustrious illusions need no conclusion replacement or substitution forgive me for my sins request absolution the remedy is proven shot of goose gets the tongue loose two more shots startin to look like Albert Einstein hypothesis proven.

Sometimes it ain't easy to seperate reality from a dream. Seeing blue laser beams space aliens wearing polkadot jeans... Thinking to myself damn that really must be some potent green...

Its up to you to choose how ya livin' it and if life's a dream then keep it riviting distributin good vibes equally amongst the good times.

Subjective it seems.. Might these be some good rhymes? More likely they're just words crafted into sentences aimlessly keyed along'the'screen blind.

To walk a straight line or resign from societies typical laws both would play a role in the future gifts you'll receive from the jaws of fate.

Would we rather be young and dumb or old and educated? See wisdom is demonstrated after follow through of thoughts contemplated and if we act upon the wrong choice the consequences could just be devastating.

No use relating to the moral cause the moral was lost in the pursuit of getting to the top but something forgotten along the way was the kindness that we had for our fellow human beings and how could I forget my friends, the loved ones that had my back.

So how will it end?

No that ain't me, and that ain't how I'll choose to make it to be.

See we gotta believe in something or else we believe in nothing so I'll choose to believe in the light over the darkness and I'll emanate this love to eliminate the heartless.

Know that I've got your back regardless. Time to get started check the boxes change this world to the world I want it be no more time to waste cause I got a long list cross each entry off methodically and in due time its completed with ease.

And if you're feelin the flow then know that that's how you rock a beat.

Think you've got what it takes to be an MC? Try to master the flow...

Final Thoughts

Here are some brand new lyrics to fuel creativity in fellow Steemians today. I hope this gets the imagination flowing here. Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Another Poet

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See we gotta believe in something or else we believe in nothing so I'll choose to believe in the light over the darkness and I'll eminate this love to eliminate the heartless.

Dude, this is a golden line, that gave me shivers man, I was like "Yoooooooh!!"

Killed it, you got what it takes to be an MC bro, for sure \m/

It really means a lot to get feedback like this. I'm happy that line struck a cord in you. Thanks for your support Nick!

You got my follow for sure! I look forward to reading more of your content :)

Just posted a new one today but I'm afraid it didn't turn out quite as well as this one...

The instrumental has a lot to do with what it inspires me to write I'm afraid. The best lyrics sort of write themselves if you know what I mean?

Yea absolutely dude! I write songs as well so I know its hard to sit down and force yourself to write, its just about tapping into the moment and letting the feelings and emotions guide your pen...

I dunno about you, I still like to initially write by putting pen to paper, its like the raw form of writing \m/

I agree with you Nick! Pen and paper is the best way! Typing lyrics just doesn't have the same feel...

Yea its all a lil tooooo perfect. The Backspace button is dwarved in comparision to passionatley scratching lines of hatred through a lyric you want to change or don't like haha

Nice. Followed. Resteemed