My Spirit - Lyrics by Another Poet

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My spirit is old I feel it.

Its the key to the soul.

Simply possessing a spirit or soul ain't enough constantly working on mine when the going gets tough.

Never went so far as to sell it that'd mean i'd sold-out that my spirit and soul had rolled out leaving the body behind.

And I'd guess in a way that's the point of this rhyme.

In goodness can find divine and raise these bars of light.

Cause we can look at it as a game and we can even choose to play it. Which way does the soul want to go?

Don't worry it'll let you know that's for sure.

Sometimes the spirit and the mind just don't align.

Overcome it all with that gut feeling that says everything's gonna be alright.

I hope so, got faith in my soul to guide my way home and put me in the arms of lost loved ones.

This one's for you if ya hearin' me dad, grandma and grandpas.

So take pause and check in with your spirit don't have to listen very hard to hear it and only those that violate it will have to fear it.

So that's my spirit, the same spirit as yours. Representing kindness in life and we'll let it just take its course.

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