Misconceptions That Affect Your Post.

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Lately, there have been many cases of sparm, plagiarism etc on this platform, this I believe is happing because those individuals do so in other to "belong", or to be able to blog right so they adopt some techniques which they believed is the way to be recognized on steemit. Here are some misconceptions that i believe affect your blog.

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(1) The quest to write long posts.

In my early days as a steemian, two of my favorite blogs are Fact or Myths and Coffee&Philosophy. Normally, these two does not write more than 200 words per post but the sophistication of it lies in its simplicity. They always keep you want for more as each sentences ends. But with the current trend now, every one wants to write a long post, but the thing about writing is that, once you run out of your own words, it becomes boring. So instead of trying to elongate your story or article or news, make it sophisticated by making it simple. #shotisthenewlong.

(2)Picture, Lots of pictures.

One of the persons that I realized this in her posts is @stellabelle, her blog is one of the few "big" posts that doesn't turn their blog into a gallery.
Yes pictures helps to drive your point home but be careful not to drive the point past your home.
There must not be a picture for every paragraph or topic, it will make it too fancy unless you are writing about that picture. For instance writing about a location, or food or vacation. If the picture is not necessary/ part of the blog, it is not advisable to use it.

(3) It must be 100% unique.

NO! it must not be your ideas all the time. Yes. I know you will be like, is this guy supporting plagiarism ? No! but according to Pablo Picasso, good artists copy and great artists steal.
The act of thinking is like a web, it magnets many similar thoughts to you when you connect. So for you to be productive, you need to research other ideas and see what others think about your thought. There is nothing new under the face of the earth. I had an experience of this last your when i was in 2level as a student of psychology. I got interested to know why people are becoming so addicted to selfie, so i decided to conduct a research on it with the topic; effect of selfie on self-esteem.
To me this is my idea because i went to our project library and no one has done any thing on that, so it was authentic 100% unique, little did i know. About few months after the birth of the "unique" idea, I bought a Nation news paper.(one of the national dailies here in Nigeria) and there it was my unique idea that was supposedly 100% authentic as one of the headlines in the front page. It appears that American Psychology Association(A.P.A) just researched on selfie, not just that but it was the same topic as mine.
When I told one of my professor about it, this was her answer " Arinze no one person has an exclusive right to a thought" and i can't forget that. It was then that i now visited the web site of A.P.A, that i then realized that many psychologists has started to dig into the new trend.
So my dear, it must not be you that thought of it in the first place, but make it yours buy putting your touch on it because if you keep thinking that it has to be yours and yours alone, you will be limited and your thought will dry up. Consult, research and document.

(4)More upvotes means good post.

This is another misconception that holds some steemian back some times. Does it feel good to see you post upvoted, ? Yes but is that the only motivation No. I once wrote a post on what actually makes a blog good. I found out that people some times( I inclusive) measures our success by the number of upvotes that we get and not the connection we make. You see, apart from the "free" money on steemit, the opportunity to connect to people is the best part of steemit.

Take for example the two steemains that just won the @stellabelle contest, they were not the highest paid, i know that @ supassinggoogle dose not make hundreds of dollars on his posts or @gloglo, she is not one of the earliest Nigerian steemian, but they connected to people thats why they won, not that they always had the highest paid out. So don't get too worked up on getting an upvote that it affects your writing, because when you didn't see the money, you won't write.
There are two types of riches, you can have money or you can have friends but you can't have both. My people have a saying that " He who have people is better than he who have money." seek for value not numbers.

In conclusion, after many experience i have had my self, i will want to tell you to always put your thought out, for if you wait to think it over and over, to make it 100% yours, it might slip off to someone else. Don't work too had to make your post worth, just beer your mind and you will be surprised that it will do more than those you turned into encyclopedia and picturefied ( i just invented that word, don't use it at home). And always remember to put in the work no matter the result because one is greater than Zero.

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Thanks to @ogochukwu, @stellabelle, @surpassinggoogle for inspiring this post.

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absolutely right, write simple but interesting post, dont include too must pictures 2 or 3 per post is enough, unique is the way to move forward

couldn't agree more pal.. howdy

I like Arizona. How did you get that nickname?
Thanks for posting about the misconceptions.

H. G.

smiles well my real name is Arinze, and here in Nigeria most people with the name are mostly nick-named Arizona(from the state Arizona USA) so i added wise to mine..i like to see my self as a wise guy. thats the origin of the name.
And thanks for reading.

Wisdom must be global instead of been sealed -of in a bottle/arr/hidden, if so then of what use is it then

Dont hold it up bro..free you mind

let's keep original post without plagiarism

yes pal..it might take time, it might not pay out soon, but its the right way.

You are right. Simple and original is the best option

thanks for reading pal.

Well written and I agree 100% with you've said.
Your Post should be 100% from you, your heart, your identity, your passion.