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RE: Plague ...Finale

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I read the entire set and enjoyed your writing as always, but I could not help noticing something which is true of me also.

The stories we both write (you used my Teller name without him being a relative of Robert and Cherine Teller) are slanted politically according to our own beliefs. For you, the cabal is the rightwing, while for me, it is not the leftwing nor the rightwing, but the globalists who have openly declared they will take over the world (Gates and his wife, Soros, Rockefellers and so on).

I think I will suffer from shock if you ever write a story biased in the opposite direction.


Well, writing should also reflect the inner world of the writer, so do not think I am trying to influence you.


Ha ha...I remember vividly a day in the university cafeteria being accosted by two profs who taught German Lierature who accused me of being a typical North American liberal (yes, small L) Well, like Pushkin, I declare, "I'm a bourgeois." I am what I am, conscious and unconscious but it's a social attitude - I'm basically apolitical, but I must admit I had Trump and his cadre of sycophants in mind when I wrote that story and those two profs would have been quite at home in his kind of America. I'm more an individualist and don't expect much from a government except that it provide the greatest good for the greatest number and resprect individual liberty and not oppress the aliens among us.