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I quit my salary job to become a published writer and today I got the manuscript for my book The Jasper.

It's only the first draft of the book, so I gave a few copies out to people I trust to give me honest, constructive criticism and I kept one copy for myself to edit.

IMG_1559 2.JPG

I'm so filled with excitement to see the finished product finally, and I grab my red pen to fix any mistakes I may have missed.


I realize this is a steaming pile of incoherent crap. I can't believe I let other people see this and I've fallen into a pit of self-depreciation.


First draft realizations: this is going to be a completely different book by the second draft, and I haven't even tackled the grammatical errors yet.

The only silver lining is knowing that this is the way first drafts are supposed to go.


we all have to start somewhere.

How's the process going?! I'm very interested to hear about how you go about getting your book published

Plow through! You’ll get there!!

What is the book about?

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