His hatred

in #writing4 years ago

Does it also get him huffy why does he feel it's that handy
His hatred has taken to over a thousand miles.
A speech of a discordant opinion to his
By anyone or some tribe down east is deemed annoying obnoxious and indightful to say the least
Thereby tagging the carriers enemies of his just a name in relation to people from such clans provokes his emotion.
Immediately, he concludes unaware of their notion
Corruption and criminal acts he associate them to.
When did this all start
How did the stone in his heart come to be
How did he become this that his mind's eye doesn't see
Some old grudge he still hasn't set apart.
What makes him smile
I still can't seem to define
Such unforgiving tendencies, self righteousness and good will on decline
Should that make him smile?

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