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RE: What Chaos Teaches Us

in #writing3 years ago

This was amazing! I had a very rough early 20s and now I have a family, but it hasn't taken the edge off my previous experiences. I am surrounded by love now but still feel so alone sometimes, and found more comfort in strange surroundings of my early adulthood than I do now.

It's so bizarre, and I sometimes feel ashamed to admit it.

(Maybe you really do have a super power of making people tell you their deep, dark secrets! :p)

I'm glad I stumbled on your blog! Very cool!


I think there are things inside of us that can affect how we act forever - they can be changed, but it takes deliberate work.

I do look back at the times that were objectively awful with a weird sort of nostalgia, they all have a glow pasted on it. I think because it was familiar to me. Nice things, good people - that's unfamiliar. That's where terror lies.