My Bag Is Packed

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I Can't Help Falling In Love!

I was struck by the horrible stink that seemingly came out of her every pore, my nose, mere inches from her. I reached a tentative hand, and ran it, lightly, along her side. Such curves! My mouth broke into a small smile, eyes dilating, too, as I took in her curves, my eyes, following after my touch.

No on could claim her delicate, for sure. More power than soft finesse, in her. Still, my spine shivered as I felt along her curves. Others go for the pretty ones. Others go for gold and glitz and glamour. Her? It had taken me forever to admit it, but I loved her.

I can remember back when I first saw her. Not much to look at, mere bones, at the time. It had taken some time for her to fill out. But even then, I have to admit to myself, I was in love. Oh, I didn't know her at all, so, I suppose, I was in love more with the prospect of who she would become, rather than who she was at the time. Over time, though, as I spent more time, visiting her, I gradually got to know all of her. I hope she knew me, more, too. I feel like I had some small part in getting to know her, and in getting to shape her.

To be fair, I was young when we first met, and knew little. I knew nothing of how to handle her. I knew nothing of how to truly appreciate her. Truly naive, not worldly, at all. Yes, if we had been together back then, it surely would have ended on the rocks!

Now, I could see parts of my personality, in her. I suspect, if anyone knew me back then, they could look and see where she changed me, too. I suspect most who knew me now, would agree, we were perfect for each other.

Se, here I was, running a soft hand along her, and feeling the curves of her sides. Close enough to see the fine lines on her, and yet, too close to really see what she looked like. Not much at this distance, but step back, and take in her form? She was a Masterpiece. As if sculpted by the Gods.

Close enough to smell that scent. And yet, take steps back and all you could see and feel was her power and it makes one smile. Certainly not everyone, no... her beauty was more in her style. Not her outer looks.

I let myself luxuriate in running my hand along her side again, and then I lift my fingers from her. Not wanting to wake her just yet. I slipped away, and then, stepped back to the door. I turned, looking back at her. Maiden that she was, not yet truly ridden. Longing for the day I would be first, to take her. Then, she would truly be mine, no matter who came next, or what happened after. I longed to be inside her. Spend an entire night, in bed. Spend time, alone, together, no one else. Her, under my control, see her respond instantly to my command. Feel the power, and warmth of her. Run my hands all over her, and not just along her sides. One more day, til she gets wet. Only one more day, to make her truly mine.

After years of planning, working with her builders, I was finally taking ownership of my own Nordhavn 60. Custom Built for me. Molded, shaped, and ready. With her wonderful, new, fiberglass smell, coming out of her every pore, she was mine.

My bag was packed and ready to step aboard, once she was launched tomorrow...

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios.



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