'When Flora left' [extract]

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She looked out the window and the rain seemed heavier than ever before. 'It's just London', she though, and shut the curtains. She lit a cigarette and sat in her chair, and when he stepped out of the bathroom in his blue robe, smiling, she doubted everything she was about to say. It always seemed like this smile he saved only for her, only for this room. None of his other smiles were as enchanting, as honest. It broke her that it was the last time she was seeing it.

'Ready for dinner?' Julian said cheerfully while getting dressed. She didn't answer and he leaned down to kiss her forehead. 'Everything ok, baby?'

She smiled with just one side of her face, the way she did went everything was not okay.

'What's the matter?' he always treated her like a toddler when he was concerned and it pissed her off. He took her hands in his and asked again. 'Is everything okay?'

'It's great' she answered briskly and got up from her rocking chair. 'Let's go to dinner!'.


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Nice poetry

scrolling down and only seeing half of the picture is as quite as comforting as looking at a well painted oil painting in a art gallery or museum.