We walk slowly, slowly, submissive, lost...

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Gravity slowly pulls me down, sounds touch my skin and ideas my thoughts, each element mixes and produces in me desosiego, air is scarce and understanding is limited, betrayal resonates and hunger surfaces, we are lost, to the drift in an ocean of corruption, we are shipwrecked without firmament, we sail without a compass in this thick darkness, our beautiful boat has leaks, the silent water stalks us, the beasts that live in the sea terrify us by showing their fins, they threaten us and they condemn, they are lethal because they have weapons, they are cruel because they have no conscience, and they are treacherous because they seduce and deceive, my teeth chatter, my legs tremble and my senses go numb, the boat sways strongly as a result of the strong tide and those beasts that constantly attack us, I wonder how much longer our boat will resist.

I try not to lose the light of my mind, they have robbed us so much, so much that feeling defeated is not enough, I can not understand what kind of monsters are capable of condemning an entire population to a social regression, it is devastating and lamentable, and that We were soon buried, we walked with a gravestone on our shoulders, a gravestone to carry on our backs.

While my thoughts rise, the crying resounds causing my existential dilemma to evoke in solitude, despair turns my emotions gray and I lose myself. Struggling to understand has never been the object of anything, it is just an unsound need that torments me and destroys me.

What kind of debate we must apply to imply that someone suffers, is so bizarre to claim for humanity when you are unable to be human.

I still do not understand those differences that so many people point out, without opening their eyes, with only the sound of the wind I can distinguish the pain and suffering of a large part of humanity, hunger, cold, pain, sadness, sickness, despair and hatred.

I have been elucidating in the idea that governs my thinking, in what disdains my dreams and destroys my soul, and there is no guilty different from what society represents, since it is formed by each one of us, the "I" is again taking ownership of my history and that of everyone, that precious bond that sustains the earth, a sequence of acts and circumstances left by time, the only unit of measure in our reality, since it is the only thing that matters, I do not know how feel, I have tried to adapt, but it is impossible, it is impossible, I feel that I should not be here.


But I am, beyond the fact of what my personality represents, of who I am because I was born on a piece of land with my own name, there is the humanity that I sustain, the same one that generates regret to my heart, I never want to feel sadness and frustration to see in the distance how my equals are massacred and show how animals can become, showing me how animal I can become.

Animal, is not a bad word, but it generates in each person a sea of discomfort, we feel humiliated, inferior, a lethal blow to the pride of the most arrogant being on the planet, the one who shouts and signals not to fear anything.
Even in the grandeur of our times, the apogee that gives opportunity to all, we allow ourselves to believe that we are better, we continue believing that we were born first, that we have the right to mistreat others, for not having an economic and cultural stratum equal to ours, for to have a different physical condition, to be part of a religion, to think is poor banalities and without thinking, I dislike being human.

Many refer to that which they chose at some point, they repent, they prefer to shut up and hide, they hurt themselves and try to be something they are not, perhaps to fit in, saying that they do not copy in a world of copies, taking with them the erroneous idea that they are not..

A human without history would be like being a grain of sand in the middle of a huge portion of beach, it is almost impossible to calculate the amount of grains that seem to have the same cut, only a variation produced by nature makes them different, the indisputable idea of the unique, that theory of self, no matter how it looks, the perspectives or the circumstances of the events that produced the definition, this world is full of that idea, of what I can or can not do, be and be, the I allow the world corruption, what is meant by I need, I believe and I hope to obtain, every occasion and situation oblige the human to decide what he needs or imagines to need.

In the center of my consciousness I know that I do not regret being a human being, I would undoubtedly prefer not to be born carrying what distills and gives meaning to my being, there is no method, love or pride capable of making me appreciate my existence, humanity poses a totally false fact of equality and we all know it, nobody respects if they think they are disrespecting, ideas are starting points, it does not matter if they are wrong or accurate, they show a way and it is in the subject to go through it.

I want to scream, but I have discovered that my mouth is sealed, I can not speak, it is incredible the fear I feel and the blockage that is generated in my mind, preventing me from expressing myself freely, I am an incomplete human, it is frustrating, there is nothing else what to do, or philosophies to follow, when there is hunger the heart is forgotten, feelings are corroded, knowledge is forgotten, and the fact of empty hands presents the opportunity to fill them, regardless of whether they get dirty or if blood is spilled on they, here is the knowledge of the triumph of the strong over the weak, a cruel imposition and that breaks the feeling that leads to that which concentrates morality, reason and truth.

I am sure that there is no light capable of providing a warm bed for anyone who stops being pure, for those who forget the imposed idea of being good, of working and fighting for what is desired.

There is no sound to listen or emit, there is no light to see and there is definitely no touch to feel, just a tortuous breathing and a sour taste that contains by far the extension of what it means to survive, I think about what I am, study my behavior and those around me, I feel lost, I am shipwrecked in an ocean of submission, the knowledge lies in the power and is in turn implies control, what tricks more surprising !, is the way by which the world.

I try to find the answer to the why of my existence, of my egoistic and meaningless living, what do we look for ?, love ?, happiness ?, an object ?, a goal ?, a feeling? I will be ?, and in silence, the illusion of time whispers to me what I so reluctantly dare to accept, we are lost, we do not know what we are looking for and for some reason we have confused love as a means to turn it into a goal.

Knowing guides knowledge, nourishes it and without more generates it, the tiny chain that we hold shows how much we are or who we will be, the fact of an election goes a long way to motivate those who believe they have a dream, the reality that we live no longer allows free minds, we are subject to that nest of comfort in which we take our wings, where our eyes are sealed and where we accept our life without wings, there is no reason to clear the longed for poverty of a being, it is it filters and binds to every cell in the human body, the greatness that nature assumes when showing its implacable force disappears and only time can take control of what may or may not be part of reality.

There is no form of understanding capable of harboring forgiveness and there is no silly enough martyr capable of generating a sense of correction, there is no fear of the figurative promise of punishment, we walk slowly over a cliff, the path is forced and narrow, each step hurts more than the previous one, but we do not stop, we still do not see, all submerged in the most suffocating gloom that reality could generate, we walk like beasts to the slaughterhouse, we stumble, we fall and we continue.

We are so immersed in possessing that we have forgotten what really brought us to this world, I try to remember and see with amazement all that surrounds us, to believe in honesty, in honor and pride, in faith and although scarce, in what which represents an ideal, in those who dream of being protective and become heroes, trusted those who seek the welfare of a child and in what hide their fantasies, in those who light the way and blow relief.


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