Article - Is there a moon? How can we know?

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Beyond the doubt can be thinking and doing things we are sure about and not sure about. And certainty is nearly always preferred in relation to uncertainty!

We should try to be the first on the moon, said president John F. Kennedy when he stood in the front of the world and the USA to determine what would happen in future. You can never be sure of anything, unless something or all of it is proved. And we cannot feel trust to any person in any research environment, if there are no Nobel Prizes or no visible and admired international awards. Do not feel comfort with taking telephones and messsages to none of these environments. There are people there, but what can they be aspired to at their best? Why is the school or the university ranked as it is ranked? Why do you respect leaders, if there is doubt and no foundation behind your beliefs? Are you beliefs just something you have told yourself?

There are much to think about in all environments. And maybe NASA and other organizations should not be sure if humanity has been on the moon! How can you put a flag there? And can any human move around? What if this was not the moon, or that we have not enough and good enough research about what has being done in history?

Why do you state what you state? How can you and I be sure of anything? We need to put validity in research. Maybe what you have been told and believed through years of life is just indoctrination! The thinking is free, and to all times it should be free!

Today, we like to think that NASA and these research efforts are the best in the world when coming to space research. President John F. Kennedy used to say that USA should put much energy in doing properly space research. NASA has sent several expeditions to the moon. But it was in 1969 that Neil Amstrong was the first person walking on the moon, and this happened after Kenndys death. But how can we be sure about that this was really the moon?

In research environments, we like to claim the truth in science, if we have the verifiability of it. If many researchers get the same results, we pinpoint that something is true. We cannot be sured about anything, also in religions, unless we have verified the history. And therefore, much reading has just been speculation since the ancient times. We also need validity in research, and what you get as proved should also be proved by someone else!

So, there has been much writing about the moon. And some people thought that it would be doomsday when they landed there. But how can we be sure of these things? And have we really gone further in our understanding of the moon? Maybe, or maybe not.

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