Article - On making external markets internal: The importance of the products for your firm!

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The markets consist of customers. And the employees consist the organization in action. But which kind of strategies are sensible today for meeting the needs of the customers?

You can dwell as much as you like with strategies to firm, but they are often prices and quality on the products given in the internal and external markets. Nowadays, it is important to master the product; its properties, benefits and aguments have been more visible and more important in the organizations we find today. Hence, the employees are better of knowing what they are offering to the markets than before. You should know what you are selling and marketing, and this means that the value creation processes in the firms, are filled with product-related chatting and concepts.

Why are you buying that car or that football? The markets are filled with arguments for meeting the customers needs, and these needs can be equal from person to person, or they and be unequal. We must know the products in the markets as employees, and maybe the customers have more and better knowledges about what a product is and how to use it. We should fill the business schools today with content that is appreciated both in domestic and in foreign markets. And many things are about traditions, what your habits are, and sometimes you do rational and/or emotional decisions with acting alone due to thinking before acting!

What should you think about opinions of all kinds in the markets? Well, are they made as a good and as a strong market philosophy? Which implications do your meanings and perceptions really have? Are you supporting the firms? Could the firm be better with your word-of-mouth? What about me that have competence and research to tell them everything? The markets matter, but sometimes things can be done better, and in a more reflected way! But as being inside or outside the firm in question: We should find solutions that are sensible and that gives a properly wealth of nation! Why are we doing stupid things, mistakes and shortcomings in the markets? Why do we not do as we should do? Are you more special than other people?

The commercial things we find, either have a market, or they do not have a market. Why not using competence than all the billions of opinions that there are? Things should be done in the best wishes for the firms, and you should be friend of everybody. If we are making nonsense in the scheme, we are doing something that won’t benefit you! Try to be interesting and exciting as a customer and not dull. The external markets and the internal markets should know the products, and why they are selling these products. And the best advices in the markets, you could get from the customer instead of the employee. This means that thinking and social meetings in the firms are more important factors than ever!

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