The world inventions: The discovery of binoculars!

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Your eyes cannot perceive everything at any distance when being in life. But you must concentrate the life with what you see at small, medium-long and long distances. Anybody being in life, must use the eyes as one feels for, or one should use them to catch different things in reality.

Have you thought about that any human cannot get the details of all things at different places at the same time? Our eyes have restrictions in what we can see and imagine all the time in life. But when getting long distances, our eyes have even stronger restrictions than all these things being nearby. So, what have we done when? We have discovered a new tool to experimental and practical purposes and uses, namely the discovery of binoculars!

Galileo Galilei was an Italian researcher, astronomer, physicist and engineer, sometimes described as a polymath, from Pisa. Hence, Galileo Galilei knew a lot of human being and nature, and what was possible for humans to discover and think about even more thoroughly than before. It is literature, and what we see and explain that uses the brain to the human body in constructing ideas, thoughts, processes, and results from time to time. We can be in Italy thousands of times, but the use of the country and getting new things and persons on the research agenda, are you responsible for when being there, especially like a scientist! Life is not just dreams and funny events, but things and persons must also be framed in serious ways.

Galileo Galilei used two binoculars when discovering the largest four moons to Jupiter in 1610. And since the science for binoculars was little developed, he had to use two wooden pipes with lenses! Any new product development is trying, fault and success. You cannot always make the best possible product in your first trial, although you can be lucky and manage it relatively fast! But it was really in The Netherlands that the first binoculars were produced and sold, and they came to the market in 1609. So, this was the really start, and any start and attempt of making something, either products or something written, should be made as positively and as good as possible, and in such manners that one feels the situation is structured and understood. After 1609, Galileo Galilei used his efforts to construct better and more durable binoculars. And the idea was not just to focus on the use of using the binoculars at earth, but also using them to study different things in the universe!

So, the discovery of the binoculars from the very start in 1609 to our modern and practical variants, is a new world. One of Galileos binoculars is still stored in the city Firenze in Italy. The binoculars made by Galileo Galilei gave a magnification up to 30 times than the impressions you got before. Galileo made several new discoveries in his life, and that is always exciting and interesting and funny with life. Galiloe Galilei discovered the moon and the structure on the moon, the Milky Way and the moons to Jupiter. Galilei felt himself really overwhelmed and he wrote his thanks to God that had made it possible to observe wondeful and hidden things through every century before Galileo Galilei was living his life in speculations and in philosophy. There seems to be an order and a chaos of things and persons in the nature, and the things and persons can be examined and explained by science! Humans are able to understand what the brain is capable of in all the variants that you can use it! The brain is just a source for understanding or not understanding. And we need trust in the environments to cope with the different personalities that each of us have in human nature!

Many people have since the origin of the binoculars used much times in their presence to watch different things in nature, and to come closer to different phenomena. You are always yourself in human nature and in nature, and you bring with you different thinking materials from time to time and from place to place. What you can do, is in accodance with your abilities and your capabilities, and everything you do can be modeled by a scientist. So, take care of yourself. The binoculars today are modern, and you can also use some of them during the night!

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