The world inventions: The history of the knickers!

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Any body is coming naked when born to reality. And during the years, we have used different wearing and different cosmetics, and of all things you can think of in human anatomy, is that what you are from day to day is your personality combined with the choices you make!

As humans, we have the freedom of doing whatever we will like from day to day. Nobody can define your reality better than yourself. And you define what to do, and how to be. And theire is a desire fot fitness in every body at every time, but secuality is often done when it is suitable and when you have the possibility for it! Sexuality is welcome, and every body could be understood in that way!

So, what about the wearing and the knickers? It is a long shorts you are using for your body, and on your body. And they are passing the knees. You often use them on trips in the forest or on other places, and you can also use them for training. And even when running a marathon in which country and in which city that you like, you can be using knickers. The power is always inside your body, and it is defined about how clever and intelligent you are, and what you have the aspirations to do! And all meeting of every kind is welcome in business life! We can talk to each other at any distance! Such is the technology today that operates in markets.

Nickers are short trousers defined for sport usages, or they are long shorts. They were originally introduced in 1860, and they were originally used as wearing for British soldiers doing voluntary works. And today, people in many countries are using the knickers, and they are loved to use when the weather is nice, and when you have the excellent availability for trips. You can use them when running or walking, and you choices in the nature is your own, and your are facing reality with making the choices on your own with own responsibility!

Nicks and long stockings can also be used in celebrating events, and they are used in disguises in several countries, for instance when celebrating the national day! So, it is just your creativity or your mind set that defines what you are doing, and what choices you find necessary and desirable to do. Any choice that is a conceivable choice, is a choice in human behavior. But it is sensible to not send to many shocks in the populations with your wearing, and hence the most people follow the norms for the specific place and the country in question!

So, what about ski jumping and cross country skiing in the winter? Can you use the nicks and the long stockings when doing such things? Of course you can, and the audience can also follow this pattern. There are either borders or non-borders in life, and what you have in your head will define your own reality perception, and this is also true for all the other people being watching these sports event during the winter or in another season, if the organizers have filled snow on the field or on the ground. Every movement you do, and every manner you are thinking and feeling, define your ways of perceiving life as it can be and should be.

So, when taking your backpack filled with pleasure like for instance orange, packaged lunch, chocolate and cocoa, you can enjoy the trip in nature together with other people, and with your ways of being! And maybe, you have seat pads to sit down and just watching what is happening!

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