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Should parents restrict children from using specific types of technology? In this day, and age technology is everywhere, everything is being made now with some type of computer components or software.

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Technology must be used every day whether people like it or not. Technology is used for both good and bad purposes, how parents, and users manage their usage of technology is how we restrict using specific types of technology.

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When it comes to gaming, every parent’s hair on the back of their head raises. This is especially the case when, the focus is on their children’s usage of technology. In most cases this type of technology usage is detrimental to the child’s growth, when it comes to academics.

On the other hand, the technology is not to blame, but rather the user, for example; if people had to play more educational or skill developing games this would be a huge benefit.

It is said that playing certain types of computer or video games can increase the users hand eye coordination. This would be highly helpful for specialised jobs, one being a surgeon, but also strengthens neurological pathways.

Now the fact that more than 150 million Americans play video games, means that there will be more than 150 million doctors in the future? This will not happen. Hand eye coordination is something that can be used in many fields of work, even in some trade. There are other benefits that playing video games have, one being a way to develop strategy, this could come in handy.

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This is just one type of technology that most parents are very concerned about, but there are many more worse things out there.
The problem is not what parents are restricting, but rather what parents are allowing. Parents should not restrict the usage of specific technologies, but rather guild the usage into something that would be beneficial to the user.

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References: 155M Americans play video games, and 80% of households own a gaming device, DALE NORTH, April 14, 2015 9:30am

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Problem in technological devices for kids, tablets / smartphones etc is, that it isolates them. As a young human you need to learn the basics in social interacting, finding your part in the world. Yes i think they should grow up without until a certain age.

Hey there... A good article which makes us think about the topic. It's true in a sense that technology has entered into our lives beyond limits. And sensorship of it from children has also become difficult. On one hand kids can learn a lot with it, in case of YouTube's education videos, and on the contrary there are some grey areas of interenet can have a lasting imprint on the young minds.
Talking of GAMING, I myself have gone through the phase, as a student, when I would spend hours in front of my PC playing NFS games. It has indeed sharpen my reflexes which come in handy while driving, but my grades did get affected by that. One needs to strike a balance as excess of anything is not good.✌️✌️Peace..!!

I sympathize with you man, gaming part I understand and went thru myself lol. At one point I barely had time for my friends. Apart from that, I doubt that nowadays kids can be parted from tech. Those are their toys

Restricting not, limiting time yes.

Restricting is the worst idea. They live in that world and they better know all about it (as much as possible).
That cliche, regarding playing games can help improve... it is true until some point. The one in our teenage years, when all computer - internet thing begun.

Nowadays, it also helps, but with this overwelming amount of technology, games, apps and 90% of time fake social they lost that argument.
They even don't know why are they doing that, they just think this is normal and became an addiction.
There is no alternative to them if technology is not working... That's the sad thing.
And that addiction, make them stay behind that monitor or... smart device and living a false life behind it where they feel like superman and if they go out in real life they are like kitties.

Fortunately, being in sport photography in past 8 years, i saw a lot of kids playing tennis, soccer, basketball... bikes, rides... etc. And that is a good way to get them out and make a real social life. It is better to also connect to digital social and then is something else.

The example from @noboxes with 2 gamer kids, and at the end let them feel good and interact in a good way is one of the best example.

Eh, problems like that will always be among generations.
Just curious what next thing will be... dunno if will live 30-40 years more to see it... but maybe you will send it to me from here... hehe, because then you'll have that technology :-). (would love that laughing hitting floor smilie here... )

Good post, maybe will be more readers.

I agree with your points made. I used to stay on a farm when I was younger and learnt how to keep myself busy. Looking at my friends around me, they cannot survive without any technology for a day. They would go crazy with boredom

Yes, if they don't know how many things can do they will. But who wants to do something, will do it anyway.
The problem is that lot of them just learn from others that money can fly in the air and internet will make them big money without do anything... except not all of that ones tell them that will not be a permanent thing and if that thing is gone, so they are in real world.

I like to see new youtubers, also old ones, that can place some links to real life and show them what they will face... Hope that trend will be bigger and better. That can help them to learn both things and have bests from both worlds.

Lol... i remember (being a sport photographer and among people), when i was for some things to happen, i was doing simple things, like playing soccer with small kids or showing them some tricks, or joking with others... and saw a lot of bored young but also old ones, staring at me and thinking i am crazy. Because in events you don't know people, but you can interact other way except phone and social media...
Loved the moments and the fun... hope will be again soon.

good topic, we'll keep exploring this... like any tool, it's how you use it, peace

Very great article! I appreciate your stance on it and I agree that parents need to be more mindful of the content their children are engaging with, versus focusing on restricting it all together. I think looking at the content requires parents to really pay attention and do their own research, which requires time that a lot of full time working parents don't have much extra of. But I children can definitely benefit from gaming, albeit monitored and researched. Thanks for a great post! Will follow for more content like this! :)

I'm a father of a 3 yrs old daughter @dragonslayer109, it is simply amazing to see how fast she has learned to use smartphones!
I will not restrict her but always having a check for sure!

Great post, i flollowed you and this was a great topic

I strongly agree with you. Technology helps children relate well and learn very rapidly and as such they should be guilded on how to use it not a total restriction

@dragonslayer109, This is really a topic related to each and every parent in the world. When we were kids, there was no internet hence no apps and other related games. Today, the scenario is entirely changed. We used to watch the cartoon programs on tv. There were specific tv segments for kids. Now, we have YouTube channels for kids and there are further categories in this regard. Technology is not bad though I always keep listening to arguments of parents based on why Steve Jobs kept his kids away from computer etc. They should understand that the world has progressed to a level where everything is becoming part of the IT world be it kitchen, education, transportation, movies or even wars. So, if we keep our kids away from technology, we will be missing a lot. There are good and bad points for each and everything. The core is to balance everything. There are violent games and then there are non violent games. Both have different impacts on its users. Followed and Upvoted!

What you have said I strongly agree with, balance is everything.

I also believe balance but also adding parent involvement. How often do parents sit down and play with the kids. Minecraft pizza night is a lot of fun! Try it! Teach your kids to respect this www and have integrity when they use it.

This topic is a controversial one. My take is that as in life there should be a balance for everything; Technology is important for all of us, makes our life easier, give us access to things we never had dreamed on, yet we cannot forget about humanity itself, about nature, about getting in touch with people. Balance is the key in this case so we don't get lost in technology

I definitely agree with you.

I am a father of two gamers, one in particular is really good. I've battled over the years of whether this is a good thing or bad thing. At the moment, my wife and I have made the determination that it's ok. We've heard / said all of the arguments, and again, at the moment, I think it is ok. We've decided to stop smothering them with guilt and promote things like Steemit for example. Soon, my son @trumpit will be posting a lot more gaming reviews. While composing his steemit posts, he'll learn a ton on grammer, how to write, how to express a thought, etc.

I have an intro post coming out soon, but until then,...


It will be very interesting to see what happens to steemit once the gaming community grows.

It depends on the kind of use, I think there is always a balance to be found. Get fresh air, enjoy traditional pasttimes but if your child is using technology in a constructive way then I don't think preventing them from doing so is a good idea.

I am dyslexic and learning computers at age 10 is what helped me survive in high school and go on to a good career. If I was left with pens, pencils & grass I would have been ******! :D

Fascinating article. I actually took a class on the psychology of video gaming and I did learn that people who played video games actually have better spacial awareness abilities.

I agree, you can't blame technology... it's how people choose to use it :)

Wow that is cool, and yes that is very true :)

Future lies in technology and so everybody should be able to work around with it.

Such an important subject you're puting here. I like your position !

Very good position, support

I think the best thing you can do is stay with your kids while they play. Try to explain to them what's going on, and make sure they realize how to separate the real from the fake.
I started playing GTA from as little as 12 years old (I still do), and I'm currently a law student who's doing pretty well, even if I do say so myself. I even remember first learning what a hearse is from a GTA 4 mission, and eventually using that knowledge to score an extra point in my high school English exam.
I'm a big fan of restricting time, but not too much. Let your kids play games according to how much they've studied, not the other way around. Let them understand little of it transfers to the real world, and they'll be able to glean the good and leave the bad behind.

You are right @dragonslayer109! I am following you for more article like this

When I was a child, we kids would stay outside in hordes, playing games, chasing each other, fighting, scrumping fruit and generally being up to all sorts of mischief, all day. Two decades later, each time I walk by my old neighborhood, I see not a single child doing anything outside, ever.

Nowadays it is a real challenge to take our children away from technology, it is a reality ... We must go their way, orienting them, harassing them, giving them values ​​... It is a fact that we can not always be by their side supervising them, Hence the importance of sowing solid tools for them to know how to defend

I plan to give my future kids a cell phone by high school and or if they are catching the bus. I am all for the tech toys but they can't have anything lower than a B and test scores have to be high

kids should give technology at right age ,not before or not after

balance is everything, interesting article

In the end, it's all about discipline. Everything has its own pros and cons, it's just up to the person on how to deal with them. As for kids, they should be guided by parents on the proper usage, and not restrict them.Sometimes, being restricted can lead to being more curious and rebellious. :)

A good balance in all things :)

Yep... that's what we need! :)