June 30 Days Writing Challenge - Life Hacks - Day One: Avoid Fighting With A Simple Visualization Technique

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Hello and welcome to the fist day of the June 30 days writing challenge. If you want to know all the details about this specific challenge, have a look at the introductory post. In short, I will be posting every day a short tip, or technique, or opinion, something that you can call a "life hack". Feel free to join the challenge and post your own life hacks. I will do my best to upvote each day at full strength (about $3 at the current STEEM price) 3 posts tagged #challenge30days (leaving a link to your posts in the comments will also help).

Avoiding Fighting With "The Toilet Rush Technique" And Why Is This Important

For a good amount of years I've been in very stressful situations. I worked as journalist for 7 years when I was in my early twenties, then became an entrepreneur. In all of these contexts I related heavily with other people. Getting to disagree on something was just a matter of time, given how many interactions I had per day.

In the first years, I was giving in to anger quite a lot and ended up in heated arguments with people with whom I disagreed almost daily. What an enormous waste of time! I still look back with regret at those times.

After a certain age, probably late in my thirties, I devised this simple - and somehow hilarious, you'll see - technique for avoiding fighting. It saved me a lot of time, improved my health and overall approach to life.

It's called "the toilet rush" and it basically goes like this: do you remember how you behave when you're really, really, really feeling the need to go to the toilet? The pressure? The immediacy of the act? The potential shame if you would be caught doing this in public? Well, keep that in mind for a few seconds.

Now, every time somebody says something bad to you, imagine them in that situation. Imagine they're just giving in to that pressure and they are simply unloading all the emotional waste in public. Those nasty words were just so pressuring, that they couldn't hold them in themselves anymore and pooped them in front of you.

How those people look like to you now? Still frightening? Still worthy of a fight? Or just like normal people, who don't even know they just pooped in public? Believe me, you won't start an argument with anyone if you can really keep this image in your mind. There's this incredible change in status if you can imagine anybody in a vulnerable situation - and sitting on a toilet is one of the most vulnerable spots we can be in.

Add to this the "smell". Do you still wanna be around all that waste that they just throw out in front of you? Or you'd be far better just walking away, silently, to a fresher place?

Needless to mention that this works not only in real life situations but also on social media. This person just said something nasty about you? Well, it surely does stink. Maybe you should move on to a cleaner feed, then?

So, really curious to read about your life hack today. Leave a comment with a link to your post, if possible.

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Always avoid fighting

Not only with external people, do not fight with inner thoughts also. There are lots of thoughts are going on our minds, very few are helpful for us.

Nice article , we should avoid fights at any cost , so impressive .

Good job , carry on .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @dragosroua

Keep good work of every time ...

Sounds an interesting technique. I try to avoid fighting most of the time but recognize sometimes I just did not manage quite well those situations. I will for sure put it in practice!
Thank you!

Hahaha. Nice article. We should avoid fights at any cost and what better way than this. Impressive

I don't think I clearly understand this one so I'll hold out for another life hack challenge. Avoid fighting what? Or is each day just supposed to be a random life hack we've used without a specific prompt? Please help, I'd love to participate again.

I did read the intro article and the categories for inspiration listed.

Each day there's a different life hack, they don't have to be connected with my topic, you have total freedom in this challenge. Today I felt compelled to write about not fighting, as in not fighting with other people when provoked, avoiding fighting. Pick whatever life hack you want.

Okay, makes sense, thank you!

Dragos, here is my first post ever on your 30 days writing challenge:

Feels good to be part of it.

Believe me, I've never heard of the toilet rush, sounds very interesting and a true life hack.

Haha! Fantastic hack - I'll definitely be trying this out :)

And what a great concept for a 30 day writing challenge - I feel this will resonate more than your last one (although that was good too). Good luck.

Here you go. I actually caught this on day 1 this time.


The toilet rush right? Yeah, that will work but people's ego and arrogance at times will not allow them to calm the situation down.

That social media case, it is easier to exchange filthy words with someone else because you most likely do not know the person personally, and your paths might never cross. So one feels it is valid to exchange words freely.

With enough exercise, you can incorporate this in your automated response. It's quite funny after you get the gist of it :)

Oh. Now I get it. I made my comment based on the topic. I get the perselpective now. Instead of following the other person to relieve himself of his toilet rush, why not go your own way and have nothing to do with the filth, the smell, and the probable disgrace. Nice one @dragosroua.

Now to participate, do I have to write any life hack or I have to write on the toilet rush approach?

Write whatever you want :)

Please sir my post upvote done

I am out of city, will post my first challenge after 2 days

I know it's a little late in the day, but here is my entry. I'd love your thoughts and feedback. This hack has helped me on many occassions: https://steemit.com/challenge30days/@michaelluchies/accepting-the-worst-why-and-how-life-hacks-june-30-days-writing-challenge-day-1

@dragosroua... sir you seems to lion with hear.. a movie name LIONHEART

Most welcome sir
Great writing
I appreciate your blog...

We should avoid those kind of people, they don't have any ideas what they are talking about. I like your 30 days challenge, I am in.

Ill try your toilet tip.

I usually count to ten and take a deep breath and If that don't work, I visualise this happy seal, crashing this penguin party.

it works every time..

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 19.29.24.png

Well that is a good way of thinking to de escalate a situation and stop a fight from happening.

There was something that stressed me out and this is what I did.


Thanks for the opportunity and. I will like to join the challenge.

Here is my entry;

I have to say that's quite the visualization. I know I wouldn't have come up with that on my own. :)

However, I can see where it would be effective in stopping the person practicing your toilet rush method from continuing to argue or escalating the situation. Once you've got those images in your head, it's hard to concentrate on much of anything but getting away from it.

Never heard of this one before and yes, it sounds hilarious but effective for your own peace. Do you also add sound effects? :)

This is a really good tip... Nice one...

Nice post 📯...

Fantastic post friend thanks