What are Major Citation Styles in Academic Writing?

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Citation is a way of giving credit to people for their intellectual and creative works that one has used to support their research. It is also a way of combating plagiarism and can be used to
find specific sources. Usually, a citation includes the name of the author, date, location of the publishing company, title of the journal, or Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The citation style dictates the necessary information for a citation and the information's order, including punctuation and formatting. The most commonly used citation styles are:

MLA Style
The MLA style, Modern Language Association, is applied mainly in humanities subjects. It uses a two-part system for parenthetical documentation for citing sources. The citation in the written paper point to the alphabetical Work Cited page that appears at the end of the paper; these references together identify and credit the research sources incorporated in the paper and allows other academicians to retrieve the information. In MLA, the in-text citation uses the name of the author and page number from which the quote or paraphrased sentence is taken, for example: (King 143). Page numbers are not included in the parenthetical citation if the research source does not use page numbers.

APA Style
The APA (American Psychological Association) style is mainly employed within the social sciences, including education, psychology, and social sciences. The in-text citation in APA uses the author's last name and publication year, for example: (Mclain, 2005). The page number is included for direct quotations example: (Mclain, 2005, p. 24). For e-books and websites with no page numbering, the paragraph number is used instead, for example: (Mclain, 2005, para. 3). The student should alphabetically order the reference listing in APA format; there is a citation alphabetical order generator to simplify the process and save time. The reference list in this style is the reference page.

AMA Style
AMA (American Psychological Association) style was a research source citation developed to write medicinal research papers. In the paper that is being written, superscript numerals are used to site the materials. The first reference in the written research is listed as '1' in the list of references and inserted immediately after the quoted sentence. This number should refer to the same reference if used many times in the paper. The reference page is titled Reference List, and the items are listed in numerical order; two references should not have the same number, unlike alphabetically, and should be single-spaced.

A person's citation style through the piper dictates the information gathered and how it will be structured. The style determines the text citation and listing of the references, and the formatting and punctuation. The individual's style choice will determine the collected information and the paper's sources.