Don't trim yourself for anyone.

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"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away."- Raymond Hull.

I Feel Blessed!

In life, there are quite a number of people living life to fit into what others think they should be and when that happens, they go all in and try their very best to make sure they fit in.

Do the best you can to make count your time and purpose as it concerns living right or wrong in the eyes of the world. What you do may never be good enough for others, but you should have some guarantees and joy knowing that you feel good about yourself and what you do.

Do not make what you do about what others think is right or wrong. Do it because it suits you and makes you happy. You cannot make everyone happy and you definitely cannot be pushed to trim yourself to fit into every space.
There is a reason why, there are big and small people. The world rotates and never stops and no matter how you try, it will not stop on your request.

Be you and be fit for yourself. Nothing else matters when the picture looks right and clear in your eyes. Do not trim yourself to please anyone or desperately try to fit into any clothe, there is a size that is just right for you.

Make the world a better place for someone today!


We make ourselves tools in the hands of others to manipulate as they wish when we try to do what they want. Everyone of us is looking for approval and some of us are willing to do anything in order to get such approval, but the sad truth about trying to get approval from others by pleasing them is that they would relent from giving us such approval because they want to continue keeping us at their mercy.

Be good and nice to people, but don't change who you are in order to please anyone because you can never become your best when you try to be who you're not. The best you can always be in life is you, so let no one deprive you from being your best.

Great comment. No one should make themselves become what they are not meant to be because of what others think about them. The world functions because we are all with our differences.
Stay awesome!