Poetry Dice Challenge 34 Entry. Option 2. The Librarian.

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@rensoul17 is a great inventor of creative steemit challenges.


I have witnessed some epic picture and word prompt contests in the past.

As caretaker of the Poetry Dice Challenge while @robyneggs is pursuing other ventures, Ren has brought her own personal flavour to the contest.

This week's poetry challenge has an interesting twist.

She has included a whodunit story which has 7 characters to choose from.

The Librarian
The Artist
The Philosopher
The Chemist
The Tourist
The Traveler
The Shaman

These characters are invited to attend a Masquerade Ball hosted by the mayor.

After reading @rensoul17's story, choose a character, write a couple of paragraphs expanding on your chosen character and then include a poem using the dice prompts.


Ren explains it a lot better. Check out the contest and back story here.

I have chosen the librarian character.


Here she is.

She lodged her application for the position as librarian on The Isle of SandDove, not due to a passion for decimal classification, or a love of books. She chose it as she hoped it would provide for a mundane existence. In fact she couldn't think of a less conspicuous course of action following the events of the previous year. Events that merely recollecting still sparked a feverish, uncomfortable systemic response. Those days are surely far behind her, and best kept locked far away in her mind if she is to make this new life work. Thousands of miles and a complete personal metamorphosis later, this little back water, literally isolated by sea, and unappealing both in ways of climate and culture, or rather it's lack thereof. This she believed, the perfect place to adopt the lowest of profiles. It was simple enough to forge a degree in information science. Her past experience with data acquisition and software encryption and cryptography were second nature, although acquired by unofficial channels, she was in fact over qualified for the position. All that was required was the supporting documentation, which along with the creation of her newly acquired identify, was almost too easy.

The mayor of this, One kick can town, didn't even look her in the face, let alone look twice at her "credential." Perhaps if she had pinned her questionable documents to her chest, he may have paid them some mind, but as it happened he granted her the position as sole librarian of the sleepy dusty library, attached to the municipal building, and thankfully that was the last she saw of him. So when the obscure invitation arrived, instincts previously catalogued and cached with her past life unlocked a familiar caution. Mixed also with a degree of amusement at the absurdity of the request from this ridiculous man, whom she realised she knows next to nothing about.


I've no desire to attend
A ball hosted by him,
Absence may rise to suspicions
Let the charade begin,

Every day a Masquerade
Maintain it all the while,
Stay vigilant don't let them see
Hide behind a smile,

Read as a child, The secret garden
I dreamt a whimsied place,
A piece of earth that's all for me
My very own safe place,

Hidden from cruel and dangerous eyes
A door to match my key,
Beyond life's dangerous overgrowth
A haven just for me,

Weeks turn to months among these books
How hands of time can raid,
How easily the stars are dimmed
Light replaced by shade,

Achieved a degree of solace
Hidden here in this place,
Bees buzz among wild flowers
And no-one knows my face.

In books once more I have been drawn
Most literal fortress,
Behind voluminous shelving hid
Uncatalogued portress.



There are not many words I need to add to a piece so magnificently written from beginning to end. WOW, I Mean WOW!!! i LOVE iT!!! You are an extraordinary writer. I got lost in phrases like "

"So when the obscure invitation arrived, instincts previously catalogued and cached with her past life unlocked a familiar caution. "

to this one
"Hidden from cruel and dangerous eyes
A door to match my key,
Beyond life's dangerous overgrowth
A haven just for me,"
Just Awesome. Thank you for your entry. @girlbeforemirror.

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Thank you very much. It is an honour, I appreciate your recognition.

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Wow unique challenge and it's truly creative idea and truly speaking your work added creative essence to this challenge and you've produced an great poetry and also expanded the story amazingly.

Books play and played great roles in our life and in my opinion books are great companion and those turning of pages can create great effect in our heart and books hold unique essence and power and it can just transform us into world of words.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I don't know if I have done too many things really well when it comes to parenting, but we do read to our little one every night. Our teen is a fabulous writer and keen reader, I'd like to think that those early days of enjoying books as part of an evening settling routine has something to do with it.

Great to hear that. 🙂

Wow, you're back. This is phenomenal <3 I needed some inspiration, my pen's feeling a bit dry lately ;)