Taking care of the stunned bird

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Hello there steemians how you doing ?
I hope you guys are doing well and had a good day.

Would you take some of your time to read my story of the day ? If that's a yes, then i'm about to start without taking more of your time.

Something interesting happened 5 hours ago.
I was working as usual, doing my daily rutine work as always, and i was about to finnish my turn, it was like 15 minutes or somewhere around that much time i had left so i went outside to smoke and kill some time because i got bored and i could'nt wait to go home and get some rest.
I was sitting on a chair, thinking of something good so i can write a blog this evening. Then all of a sudden some little birds started flewing infront of me playing and chasing each other.

I got carried away watching the birds so i started enjoying the show.

Right on that moment one of the bird flew off away from other birds and headed to my direction flying right into me so i had to move my head otherwhise i would have made contact.

After avoiding the direct hit with me, that poor bird hits the window and falls in the ground.

I picked up the bird and held carefuly and lightly and then put it upon the chair, because the chair was made with leather and it was a softy one.


I felt bad in that situation because i'm kind of a sensitive guy when it comes to poultry and domestic animals in general.

I did not know what to do so. Some people near me older in age, adviced me to get some cold water and clean the birds legs and the neck slowly and softly.

I did as they said and the bird came to the consciousness.
Posessed by panic and pain. Bird began with its cries.

I started smoothing the bird's head and then bird calmed down and did not feel threatened anymore.


For a moment there i felt some joy and had a relief for the fact that i could be able to help the wicked bird.

I continued rubbing the head and tail until the bird started feeling better (relaxed a bit more).


I took my phone and tried to make a closer picture closer but it got scared so that was the closest distance i was able to take the picture.

But after a while it got used with me and started watching me directly.

A weird feeling caugh me offguarded right in that moment because i was thinking ( is that look a thank you or it wants something more from me ).

I quickly went to take some water and placed it in an small wide open, glassy bottle.
What a cute moment to watch closely. I also took some bread and made pieces of bread, small particles so bird could eat easier.


As you can see in the picture above after that part i was able to take even a closer shot of the bird.

Somehow the bird wan't scared from me anymore and stayed there like five more minutes chilling on that softy leathered chair making lovely voices using low volume ones.

I realised other birds watching on our direction even though those birds were like 5 ft away. I noticed them after they started making noises calling that bird to run away or something then it flew to them but it couldn't get in the air right away.

I quicly caught the bird lightly and threw in the air so the bird could fly.

The bird managed to fly and joined others and together they headed south.

My collegues started trolling with me but to me it felt so good and i did not care what they said.

Whatsoever, this is my story and i wish you like it.
A good experience for me dealing with the bird was earned so i deffinitly think it was worth the time.

Let me know any of your stories with any bird or other animals you encountered.
I would really love to read them because i wanna see if there are more people like me.

Well guys thats all.
Whats left to say is: follow me @helamia and share my story by resteeming if you think it is worth to read.
And full steem ahead !

Thank you. Warm regards to all of you ❤❤❤.


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Peace be with you

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