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May 10th This date had been the most memorable date for me since you were born. I have forgotten my B'days even but never your's my child. Since we are not in contact right now I am writing this for you. For years to come, my truth will remain alive because whenever we will be together I would show you my feelings throughout.

You are a boy now and very soon you will have questions about me. Why I don't live with you will be the first one. I shall try to answer this question then. I would tell you about the circumstances and the hurdles I had faced to reach to you but that is future.

I woke up today morning and the first thought came to my mind was that I failed to wish you on your Birthday, Your 12th Birthday. :) I tried my son, I tried my best. All those memories kept floating around me. The moment when I first saw you and held you in my arms, The World changed around me. I don't know what it was but I was surely proud to be your father. The moments when I played with you. You know that when you stayed with me for a weak! You were around 3 years old and I had to wash you while we were in court. I felt responsible that day. I love you.

That week was the best I had till now. :) We played cricket and went to the garden, then shopping with you, I remember that you were jumping on my stomach that day and was laughing so loud that I can still hear it in my mind.

I remember the day when we were on a drive it hailed. There was snow everywhere and that was the first time for me that I saw it snowing in our city. You were so excited that you wanted to go out and feel it. I didn't let you though. :) It was not safe buddy, there were cars everywhere.

I remember all those days like its happening in front of me "live". You are the reason that I am able to hold myself and have a motivation to live. You are a sole pillar of my existence.

I wish a very Happy Birthday my son. I have your gifts with me. :) The day we will meet, you will have them all. 👨‍👦

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Well done .. interesting
They are the source of wisdom and part of the truth that we must hear from them,That is their right
Thanks for sharing this with us..

I agree with you :) Thanks for reading. @slimanepro

And again tears. The pain of a mother in an open letter to her heart, her lungs; which against the formidable laws of nature have been snatched from her body. March 30th. I had an awful accident and in my healing. My son (3) and my daughter (7) were taken from me by their father while I was healing from 3rd and fourth degree burns. This made me feel not so alone. I see all these kids with their mom and sometimes it stings so bad I must look away. The first few lines of this... the tears poured. To be Golden is a blessing. It is a feat that few reach. And I must say in my opinion. You are Golden love.

You are a very very loving human being @takenaback I so wanted to connect with you. Who other then I can understand the love between Mother and children? I am a man but I can understand that a mother is more important for kids during early years of their life. Mother teach them emotions.

At the same time, I feel alone after separation. I could have gone legal to take custody of my son but I knew in my heart that he is better with his mother for now. I could support them financially, that I did! I know how much I crave for his embrace. That is why I can relate to your pain.

I stopped being social just because when I see other parents with their kids, it hurts deep inside. I am happy for everyone but lonely inside. I laugh more then before because it hurts more then before. I never get so personal with anyone but when i read your comments, I could not resist writing all this.

I absolutely love your wording, "I laugh more than before because it hurts more than before." My goodness the painful sediment that carries. It is truth. I propose in fact that is how we stay Golden. Humor. It is a sad but also a beautiful truth. Those who scream at the sky and then possess the ability to turn a scream into a sigh......
You are an amazing father. Anyone can parade around and curse. How many turn negative into an even worse negative? How many possess the ability to turn their pain into truth? Everyone cries for the maiden who screams at God in the field because she has lost a son. But they marvel at the maiden who lost one as well.... and yet, she is a vessel through which love runs. "How does she even smile?" Pain is power and people marvel at those who can continue walking although their legs have been broken. Why? It gives them hope. It hurts so badly because of the hole. And in saying this I wish I could look you in your eyes and you could hear the passion of these words in my voice. The father is as important as the mother. I believe these words you write these beautiful posts....They are a staple. And the beautiful thing is.... they're chiseled into the rock of the Earth. Every day is a new day . One day you will be reunited with the legend you helped birth. And never will he doubt the love that surrounds him. And the compliment you gave me? One of the best I've ever received.

I don't know your circumstances, my friend. I feel so sorry for both of you and your son that you have to be apart and cannot spend every special moment with each other.

I can remember when I was a young child, every time my mother would take me away from my father, it pained me. And my father also said that he missed me. He wished our family was complete but because my mother decided to leave, there's nothing that my father could do. But I always chose to be with my dad.

I know that your situation is different from mine. But the pain and grief of being separated can be similar in some aspects. You miss the affection. You miss the conversation. You miss out on significant events in your son's life. You couldn't be there when he celebrates and you're not around when he needs to be comforted.

I am sure he knows that you love him. And when he's older and whether he gets to read this letter or not, he will still feel the love you have for him. As long as you don't give up on hoping and trying, you will be together and when that time comes, make every single second with him counts and just enjoy the moment with each other. Shower him with your love and affection that only a father knows how to.

Thank you for sharing this with us, my friend. I felt the heaviness and pain in each sentence but I pray that you'll get by and you will be reunited again and form a special bond again just like you did when he was still very little.

I won't say I can understand because I can't.No one can understand what pain you are going through.whenever we talk about your family I feel bad for you and always thank God for mine. you are such a responsible and caring person I am sure one day your son will get to know what all went wrong.He is your blood and one day he will come back to you only.
Belated Happy Birthday To Shaurya.God bless him with all the good things and his dad in life.

I pray the court system becomes fair to men, as it is now women's power are upheld through Judges who do no understand the importance of both parents in the child's life. My sister lost custody of her two daughters, but that was a very especial case, she was no healthy. My cousin's wife did whatever she please through the court system, his three kids did no have access to their Father for the longest time, but the irony of all is that all of his kids came back to him on their own accord. Keep the faith life has a way to correct the crooked ways. I promoted your post for transparency and your way of dealing with psychological pain.

Your son is handsome, whatever be the case, for the child's sake I just hope you the parents can work things out, in order for him to grow up in the care of both parents.

Wow! This broke my heart and then I built it again my friend, what a wonder, what a great wealth it is, even among the poor, to be the son of a good father!
Doing the father for his son is done by himself.

By the way you have a son beauty.

You are so sweet to your son he will appreciate your letter when he sees this someday. There are some parents who abandon their child and not even exerted effort to communicate them. I believe someday when he matures he will surely understand why you are far away. I hope everything will become better soon. Happy birthday to your son Shaurya.

Thanks a lot for your wishes my friend. :)

Wow! He's so sweet..... Best wishes to him dear; l pray he keeps being healthy everyday

You're welcome

Wow that's an amazing post! I got goosebumps in the beginning and it lasted until the end! I think he's going to love this letter once he gets it and always keep in mind that he shares the same memories with you - he's never going to forget this amazing day!
Happy birthday to your son :)

Thanks a lot for your wishes. :)

Children are like a ray of light. They bring a lot of joy and smiles into our lives. That they take to our life was rich and amazing. They themselves come up with stories, sing, and dance their intricate dances. Do not have time to look back, as thanks to their imagination, you become a superhero, a Fox or a little fairy, Musketeers, Princess and many more heroes, as if descended from the pages of books. Moreover, you yourself become one of these heroes, rejoice with them and try to bring in this celebration as much magic and miracles. Moreover, how fascinating they are playing different games! Heroes of children as if come to life and live near us. Moreover, when something completely soulless and an old Teddy bear becomes alive and beautiful, he is transformed, as if you yourself become as a little child.

Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment. :)

a very beautiful letter from father to son.
And a very happy birthday to Shaurya :)

I don't know what are the circumstances, but after reading this post i am feeling sorry and unfortunate for you and i wish and pray for you regarding your situation. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Yes, i think my fortune is not favouring me that he is away from me but at the same time i am so fortunate to hve him as my son :) @chireerocks Thanks a lot for your wishes :)

Welcome. 🙂

HBD Shourya he looke Very Beautiful 👌

Thnks mate! :)

This is so special that parent would dedicate their son on the blockchain!!!

I just wanted to document my feelings. What better platform thn steemit! :)

I couldn't agree more @honeychum!!

happiee b,day to yOu Shaurya. He is so cute.
Sorii to hear that you're not live wid your son.

Thnks for your wishes buddy :)

Happy Birthday Shaurya... from ate Elvie Singapore.

This is special for me :) Thanks a lot buddy :) @elvielins

Thanks buddy :)

Wow your posting ability is very awesome~!!
Thanks for your post^^

Thanks buddy :)

Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal
Saal Ke Din Ho
Pachaas Hazaar
Happie Bday Shaurya :D @honeychum

Shukria Janab :)

Happy B'Day Shaurya....Stay blessed...and your Papa loves you lot.....
@honeychum, not sure why there is much distance with such a cute boy....I wish you have all the memorable time with your lovely son sooner.....Have a fantastic day ahead.....enjoy!

Thanks a lot mate. I appreciate your comment. @steemflow

What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing.

You are welcome buddy.

HBD shourya may you live live long..and man your son is very cute

Thanks a lot mate. I appreciate your comment. :)

happy Birthday Let's give it better in front, let the future shine Pray pray His bridal life shines dear @honeychum

Praying that you'll meet him very soon. He'll be very proud of you. I can see that you are a responsible father. Because A father's love will never end. Just like my father. Godbless!

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Hello! This is a very sad and touching story. Maybe you should send a gift to your son?
And you can draw his portrait for communication through art ...

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