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Hello, my readers,

It had been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog, I apologise. I have been busy doing something very important. Readers those have been following "Jihad" shall be getting all the episodes of it by the end of August. Remaining Episodes of Jihad will be published every Friday. It's completed and I shall be publishing the episodes every week now. Again I am sorry for the delay. All I can say is that I really missed steemit and craved for the connection, I have with you guys.

Also, I had been working and analysing world politics and wish to write about it in my coming series "Stepping towards World War 3". I shall be publishing it every Wednesday.

Today I am going to start a new series "World-Famous Supernatural Mysteries". I read it when I was very young and I would like to share these mysteries with you. I shall be publishing a new mystery every Sunday.

The Rail Route

We often reject anything which is beyond scientific explanations but Arthur's story compels us to take a second look at the events that happened. Arthur left behind 5 Rail routes, Port Arthur, Arthur canal and millions of Dollars. Arthur used to say "My successes and my financial empire is a proof of the existence of supernatural powers".

Arthur was around 18 years old at that time. He was living in the United States Of America and his full name was "Arthur Edward Stilwell". Almost every evening, he used to visit a Church in the neighbourhood. One day there was some social activity going on and he participated in one of the dance events. He got a very beautiful young girl as a partner and at the end of the event he thanked her and ask her name. She said "Jenny Wood" in a magical and harmonious voice.

"Jenny Wood" Arthur repeated the name and then asked for her full name. Jenny Weevwood, she replied.

Arthur was quiet upon hearing this and it felt as if he was lost in some memories. Jenny could not understand his reaction and thought that he is a shy man and she walked away smiling.

Arthur came home and started looking for his Diary. He searched for it everywhere and finally, he found it. He started fondling pages and in the end, he found the name written on a page "Jenny Weevwood". He himself wrote it 4 years back after someone told him to remember this name. He could not believe that he has just met this girl. He was amazed at the this but then he decided to leave it on destiny.

This all started way back when Arthur was a young boy. He was being advised by the spirits since then. There were six spirits. Out of six, three spirits were of Engineers, one of Economist, One was of a Writer and the other was of a Poet. Whenever these spirits contacted him, he used to go in a deep sleep and then these spirits would talk to him in that state. These supernatural and mysterious events continued to happen with Arthur during his whole life.

Arthus turned 15 and then one night while Arthur was in a deep sleep, These spirits started whispering a name again and again, "Jenny Weevwood". When Arthur asked them about this name they told him that this is the girl with whom he will get married after 4 years.

That day Arthur wrote this name in a diary and now he finally met this girl. He liked her though but he was thinking that if he will have to marry this girl as there was no reason for him to be suspicious of the events.

From here these spirits started controlling Arthur's life. He started meeting Jenny more often and one day they both got married. It all happened as those spirits have predicted. He lead a very happy life with Jenny and had no complaints from her the entire life.

After a few days of getting married, he got employed in a logistic company at a salary of USD40/month. He was very happy and satisfied with his job and married life. Arthus was not at all ambitious and was satisfied with what he had but these spirits had different plans for him. One night they contacted him again and advised him to go to the west and build a Rail route there. You will have to build the Rail route!

Arthur believed in those spirits as their predictions about his marriage have come through but building a Railway route in the west seemed like an impossible task. He ignored them but they did not stop and kept poking him every night. Arthur got stressed and this continued for the next two years. Arthur kept ignoring them. He could not understand that why these spirits were bugging him over something impossible. It did not stop at all and then the time came when he would hear these whispers all the time. They were insisting him, again and again, to go to the West and to build the Rail route. Finally, Arthur told his wife that I want to sleep in other room as he wants to think about something.

It sounded weird to Jenny but she could also feel that Arthur was disturbed and stressed. Though she asked him several times earlier about the problem Arthur never told her anything. She did not want to compel or force Arthur about this so she quietly arranged a bed for him in the separate room. Arthur realised her dilemma and then he hugged her and promised her that he would tell her everything in a few days.

Now he confronted these spirits that neither he is an Engineer nor he has that kind of wealth than how will he be able to do this huge project. I don't even know where to start from!

Spirits assured him again and said that it is all their responsibility. You need not worry at all. Forget everything and simply proceed towards west. You will get solutions.

Now Arthur could not say anything and resigned from his job and went to Kansas City in the west. He worked in many companies there. Few companies were broking firms and few of them were accounting firms. Arthur saved some money with his efforts and hard work. Soon he learnt all the tricks of the trade. He could see himself moving towards the right direction. Spirits kept advising him in between. He formed a company "Kansas City Belt Line" as advised by those spirits and became a wealthy man at the age of 26.

Architects used to get surprised by his drawings and maps and were amazed that how can a man who is very simply educated, could draw such complex maps! Arthur and Jenny were the only one to know this secret as before coming to Kansas City, he told her everything. He used to tell her that people get amazed by my work but no one knows that it is the spirit of those Engineers who draw them. I only keep pen and paper on the canvas and rest is being done by them. He showed it to Jenny. See Jenny, this is not even my handwriting.

One night while sleeping he heard them again. He was advised to build a Rail line from Kansas City to Mexico. He jumped at this. He thought that it was a brilliant idea. It will link the farmers of the West to the Gulf ports. He did not discuss it with the spirits anymore and started working on the project. He changed the plan and decided to finish the Rail line at the port of Galveston. Spirits warned him that it was not a good idea but Arthur ignored their warnings. This resulted in his sickness.

Spirits again warned him to not to take Rail line to Galveston, you will be destroyed! Arthur yelled and said that I do not understand anything. What could be better than taking this Rail line to the port of Galveston?

Spirits advised him to found a city on his own name- Port Arthur!

This made Arthur frustrated, " People will either think that I have gone mad or they will think that I have gone proudly with my success. I shall become a joker for the people of Kansas and I will have to flee from here. Another issue is that I have already finalised the land deal in Galveston and have arranged funds from local investors. I believe that they will turn against me and will drag me to the court. I will be finished.

Arthur had a point but spirits could see the future and they announced, let people laugh. Don't care about them. You will be victorious in the court even. Save yourself from this disaster. See the future of Galveston! Suddenly Arthur looked at the wall painting of Galveston in his room. It went blur and vanished and again turned as it was. He saw that people were busy working and then a big hurricane hit the city. People were running for their lives. Then came the tidal wave and the whole city was submerged under water. Everything was destroyed in the city. This whole scene was being played in front of Arthur's eyes. Suddenly he woke up and saw that everything was back to normal in the room.

Now Arthur decided that he will have to change the Rail route. He bought big chunks of land and announced the City of Port Arthur. All the investors turned against Arthur. They were eyeing at big returns from the previous project but now as Arthur had changed the plans. Arthur told them that it was risky to invest in Galveston as the location is too sensitive but no one listened to him They wanted to teach this traitor a lesson. All investors, landlords and banks came together and they dragged him to the court but in the end, Arthur came out victorious.

Now Arthur started working on his project and finally, he achieved his goal. A city, not of dreams but in reality. In a big function, this city was named PORT ARTHUR. After four days a big hurricane struck. Tidal waves hit the buildings of Galveston. The whole port was wiped off. All this happened just like Arthur saw in his dream. It struck Port Arthur as well but by the time it reached there the hurricane lost all its strength and could no harm to the city.

Arthur lived for more than 80 years. During the last years of his life, he wrote literature as well. With the help of the spirit of writer and poet, he wrote 30 books. He earned a lot of wealth and fame in his long life.

He died on December 26, 1928, and left 5 Rail routes, Port Arthur Port, Port Arthur Canal and liquid wealth of millions of dollars. His foundations are still there.

With a basic education and the salary of USD40/month as a clerk, Arthur never thought that he would reach heights in his life. He used to say that My success is the proof of the existence of the spirits.

One more thing, Arthur could never know that why spirits choose him.

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Very interesting , thanks for taking the time to write this. Sometimes I hear spirits and some people also think I have gone mad. lol

I can understand. People reject the possibilities of anything which they cannot explain or have not witnessed. I believe that they are all around us and we need proper guidance to be able to communicate with them. :)

Awesome read. I too am a great fan of supernatural mysteries. Waiting for your "Jihad".
@honeychum is back with a bang :) :)

Hi @nehab :) Only i know that how much i have missed ur beautiful comments.:) Thanks for supporting me buddy and hey this DP of yours look fabulous though i cant see it properly due to very small size. :)

my pleasure, @honeychum. it is always a pleasure to go through your posts.
And, Thank you. Glad that you like my DP. Yes. Steemit should have an option of seeing dp. has :)

Welcome back sir 👌🖒

Thanks buddy. I am glad that you have not forgotten me yet :)

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Very well written dear. I too believe in the supernatural powers of the universe. I raise too many questions, knowing that the universe will answer me in the most appropriate manner and i always get the answers.
I love your writting .Please try to be regular.

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