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Sometimes, when the quiet is just right;
After hours of worrying and crying and trying to feel numb, only to find myself feeling such immense pain;
When the quiet is just right, I feel it.
I hear the birds chirping and I know I’m not alone.
I smell the fresh air and I know I’m not broken beyond repair.
I take a sip of coffee with my favourite song play and the words of someone who’s wisdom and struggle resonate with my own beyond all superficial levels to my heart;
My cold numb heart, as I have so unfortunately lead myself to believe, and I know I can love again.
I see the sun rising above the freshly painted light blue skies with a perfect tinge of orange, and I know that if I could find the words to describe how alive I feel, then I would be okay.
I’ve never realised how intimidating yet how astoundingly peaceful your feelings could be until I decided to unleash them out in the world.
That’s the thing about us broken souls, we’re constantly forcing ourselves to believe we’re old souls with nothing to live for because life stripped us away of reason;
When in reality, we’ve barely even begun.
We come with the wisodm of being an old soul and the thrill and curiosity for knowledge like we know nothing yet.
Magic is waiting around the corner for us, young ones.
All you have to do is believe.

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Hey guys!
I hope you all have a brilliant weekend!
Loads of love!


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All you have to do is believe. Come at me.

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