Legacy And Legion

in #writing4 years ago (edited)

I love how bitter some people are when they don’t get what they want and start calling you names, putting labels on you, smear their acidic and disgruntled energy on you just to make themselves feel better.

Sadly, some never learn to let go of the things that is no longer fulfilling their soul. Some are naive. Some chose to be in that lower vibration. Some just refuse to leave the past. Some simply just being manipulative and self-loathe when things didn’t go their way.

But, some, well, like me just observe and feel blessed that I’m on my own frequency, one of a kind may it be but at least, I am authentic, raw and accepting of the things that I cannot change and move on when the time is in my favour where it allows me to understand that things happen for a reason. I come, I learn and I instilled my own legacy.

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