Moment in time

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Since the new month started,it's been an hell of a ride for me.I have got lots of decisions to make,places to be and people to see but the only thing I lack is time.When you have everything relating to achieving a goal and you lack the most important component of it all 'time'.Now time is a basic essential commodity for me and I have less of it unlike when I used to have it in excess but nothing to fill it with.

Days like this I wish things were different but then we are taught to be grateful for whatever situation we find ourselves.I am grateful for myself at this stage of my life right here and now.I am grateful for things I am priviledged to do and things I have pending due to one or two things.

So I am sharing with you with one of my favourite boy band called 'The Afters'.With there song titled 'Moments like this', where they are telling us to live in/for the moments.Wherever we find ourselves,no one can predict they can come this far and so sometimes we view it like a dream,this song is reminding us to take a breadth and not to forget to live.Even when we feel like taking a picture to make it last long,it won't be able to capture what our heart feels which is the most important part of our life.

It is sometimes the best when we live for moments because at the blink of an eye,it might all disappear.Whatever memories you have gathered over time,learn to cherish them forever because they will last longer than pictures.


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