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RE: Technology’s Influence

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Restricting not, limiting time yes.

Restricting is the worst idea. They live in that world and they better know all about it (as much as possible).
That cliche, regarding playing games can help improve... it is true until some point. The one in our teenage years, when all computer - internet thing begun.

Nowadays, it also helps, but with this overwelming amount of technology, games, apps and 90% of time fake social they lost that argument.
They even don't know why are they doing that, they just think this is normal and became an addiction.
There is no alternative to them if technology is not working... That's the sad thing.
And that addiction, make them stay behind that monitor or... smart device and living a false life behind it where they feel like superman and if they go out in real life they are like kitties.

Fortunately, being in sport photography in past 8 years, i saw a lot of kids playing tennis, soccer, basketball... bikes, rides... etc. And that is a good way to get them out and make a real social life. It is better to also connect to digital social and then is something else.

The example from @noboxes with 2 gamer kids, and at the end let them feel good and interact in a good way is one of the best example.

Eh, problems like that will always be among generations.
Just curious what next thing will be... dunno if will live 30-40 years more to see it... but maybe you will send it to me from here... hehe, because then you'll have that technology :-). (would love that laughing hitting floor smilie here... )

Good post, maybe will be more readers.


I agree with your points made. I used to stay on a farm when I was younger and learnt how to keep myself busy. Looking at my friends around me, they cannot survive without any technology for a day. They would go crazy with boredom

Yes, if they don't know how many things can do they will. But who wants to do something, will do it anyway.
The problem is that lot of them just learn from others that money can fly in the air and internet will make them big money without do anything... except not all of that ones tell them that will not be a permanent thing and if that thing is gone, so they are in real world.

I like to see new youtubers, also old ones, that can place some links to real life and show them what they will face... Hope that trend will be bigger and better. That can help them to learn both things and have bests from both worlds.

Lol... i remember (being a sport photographer and among people), when i was for some things to happen, i was doing simple things, like playing soccer with small kids or showing them some tricks, or joking with others... and saw a lot of bored young but also old ones, staring at me and thinking i am crazy. Because in events you don't know people, but you can interact other way except phone and social media...
Loved the moments and the fun... hope will be again soon.