Times difficult to assimilate

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Dear Steemians,

Between false news and exaggerations, it cannot be denied that many of these are based on certain and undeniable facts. Volcanoes erupting almost simultaneously, fires in areas of high radioactive danger, noises in the sky and an increase in sightings of UFOs, readings of abnormalities in the simulations of the terrestrial magnetosphere, comets breaking up during the journey and asteroids approaching the earth, low activity solar, co-founders of companies resigning executive positions, the collapse of oil prices, slowdown in international trade that impact the supply chain for society, among other events that flood our social networks, makes us think that the world as we knew it is abruptly changing before our expectant eyes.


Imagen de MasterTux en Pixabay

If the aforementioned were not enough, in the Steem Blockchain there was a fratricidal fight that led to a forced fork that divided the community for better or for worse, only time will give reason to some over others. In particular, if the world does not hatch, I am sure there will be a parallel development that will differentiate them. Which will be more successful? The one who does things better.

More than one already has panic attacks. Have you stopped to think about what you can do or would you rather imitate the ostrich? Well I don't think an ostrich is so stupid to hide his head in the ground in the face of danger.

There's a popular saying that goes something like that:

If a problem has a solution, solve it! If you don't have it, it's not a problem

You can stop the eruption of a volcano or the fall of an asteroid, obviously not, so it is not a problem. Ready, let's dedicate ourselves to solving the situations within our reach, let's live the here and now, but without excesses or doing evil to ourselves or others.

If everything ends tomorrow or within a second, it will not matter if you lived fully in harmony and with purpose.

The end.


An original thought by @janaveda


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