Get into the Story!

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Ever want to be in a writer’s story?


You have an opportunity to do just that with @markrmorrisjr’s current contest!

@markrmorrisjr is an author and fellow Steemian as well as the founder of @dolphinschool where you can go to learn from his success... and even attend a #bootcamp to push yourself to get more familiar with Steemit.

If you’re new to the platform, I highly recommend doing so!

Right now, @markrmorrisjr is running a contest!

Be mentioned in his daily short story.... plus ....


CLICK HERE And follow his rules (so easy!)

Go get into the story!!!


Banner Compliments of @papa-pepper

The STEEM Engine


Wow! Thanks! This contest has been really fun. I love writing a variety of fiction especially the challenge of having the audience choose the prompt.

It’s so fun to watch it play out as well!