Growing Pains

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Move... Even if it Hurts

There are times in this life we call ours when we realize that it can be much better if we take it upon ourselves to do better.

Do better.

What does that mean?

Well, it may simply mean Be Nice to someone for no reason. .. even if they don't return the pleasantries.

Or, It may mean that you will have to go out of your way to complete a task that you have been putting off... but getting it done means your tomorrow has freedom. You're "doing better" for yourself.

Or, perhaps it means saying "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you...." even without the apology.

For me...

Doing Better meant that..........

For my health, I joined a gym.

I know... I know.... blah blah blah... I can hear your eyes roll as they read the text!!

I knew as well as you do that joining the gym was no better than turning the T.V. on with the remote.

So I also....



Oh boy, you have gone and done it now!!!

Because not only did you spend the money on the membership... you actually put someone on your schedule that you have to pay even if you don't show up!!!!!

( I often use explicatives in my own head)

(sorry/not sorry)

Last Thursday was my first go at it in the Gym with my new found enemy... I mean, Friendly Trainer.... Beau. Yep. Beau.

See... Beau... well... he is a 26 year old testosterone filled, fit and split kinda dude, all ripped out to trip out the ladies....

But he is super humble and doesn't need to use his flashy self to get clients...

He just kills them on their first day with 5 sets of 10 squats.

Me questioning my sanity ....

Before my 30 minute session was through
(Yes.. I said 30 minutes... I'm old, okay)
my quads were done with life in general.

I literally had to have help to the vehicle... my 14 year old son had to help me limp to the parking lot.... as he chuckled. BF36CC2D-B0E0-41AF-8BE3-D6C4388AE677.jpeg
They laughed.... oh they laughed ....

The day after.... oh dear Goodness of all life on earth... how do people even go pee??
The toilet requires a form of a squat!


We are full time RV'ers and that means I have to climb steps in and out of our home... bathroom and bedroom too. It also means NO TUB.

It was NOT pretty. I cried!

Really, on day 3 after that workout... I really cried.

My thighs were hot, swollen, and just plain mad.

So I borrowed my bestie's tub and dumped some epsom salt into the glorious hot water. Shout out to @essentialoilmom for helping me get better!

I sent a text to Beau... and he said to GET MOVING....even if it hurt.

You know... this little bit of advice is true in so many areas of life .

When life gets us down... it is easy to sit still and just let life run over us.

It is easy to let circumstances get the best of us!!

If we can just convince ourselves that we need to move forward...

even if its one step at a time...

even if we have to stop and cry on each and every step....

to keep moving is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Today, I went back for more training at the gym.
cringing every step on the way to the door

But you know what?

I made it through.
Thank goodness we didn't work on thighs today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am doing Better.

Thank you for stopping by and hangin' out for a bit to read my blog...



Now that is commitment, well done and cry through the pain and in the end I bet you will be glad you did! Now I have never been to a gym to work out or anything but I kind of understand about using muscles you didn't know you had. After cutting up and hauling wood last fall the next few days I had aches in muscles I didn't know I had in my back and legs! :-)

I have had sore muscles before .. even kicked by a horse and Had severed muscles.. but this soreness was so raw... I’ve never. Hahah it wasn’t pretty LOL!!
I’m still sore!
But I go again tomorrow so I must be asking for it! 🤪

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