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     Here's the story of a young man, a graduate of a renowned university. Before his graduation from the university, his aspiration was to work with an oil company but unfortunately he couldn't get a job there. After 2 years of job seeking, a friend introduced him to a platform where he could discover his potentials, use the potentials and get rewards. He doubted at first but after some days he thought over it and joined the platform where he earned so much money with his potentials. There on the platform, he discovered his potentials and today he is a successful man not as a staff at an oil company but as a steemit member. Thanks to this great platform.        

     Steemit is an open platform that host and welcome any legal content and not plagiarized content. Steemit, a decentralized blockchain based social media platform rewards its users for posting and voting. It has redefined social media by building a growing economy. It's a platform to be because it offers varieties of interests in music production, article writing, art, photography and many more. There are several online guides on how to use the platform perfectly (for newbies and  steemians).

    Steemit is a platform of the essence today which as a result of technological advancement provides a platform for job creation directly or indirectly, for making new friends and monetizing what you do through rewards in steem dollars (SBD) and steem power (SP) from posts and votes while these rewards can be converted to US dollars or Bitcoin. The economy of my country (Nigeria) has led to increased rate of insurgence and fraudulent activities among youths who are the supposed leaders of tomorrow. The solution to the increased rate of social vices and unemployment among youths is STEEMIT.  With steemit, our youths would rather discover and explore their potentials than engage themselves in several fraudulent activities. I want to encourage our youths that steemit is the right place to be and let's  say NO TO FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES in our dear country.

    I say steemit is the answer to unnecessary unemployment and I want every Nigerians on this platform to keep sharing the good news and promote the campaign for steemit in our different states and cities. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.



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