MATH lessons in life

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But anyway, actually, the image itself is not the point. :P It's the message I was trying to say:

Math has taught me many wonderful things, but these two lessons stand out the most:

1. Don't ASSUME, unless STATED.

2. Some STATEMENTS should be PROVEN before they are ACCEPTED.

I was a math major, and this idea was inspired by the many subjects we had that involved proving, primarily, Number Theory and Abstract Algebra. I loved proving. But to be honest, I was probably one of the very few among our class who did. In high school, I knew for sure, that only two of us enjoyed it. In university, well, though we were a class of math majors, they didn't really care for proving the way I did. But I loved how you had facts: postulates and theories, and you worked around these facts, trying to connect them together to form as the basis for proving/disproving a hypothesis.

And well, in life, we basically should learn to do that too. We can't just formulate baseless assumptions and expect to get it right. We need to form them around facts. We need to back them. Because sometimes simply having "life experience" won't cut it. But I'm not saying facts alone are enough though. We know how unpredictable people can be. They're not constant like in math. But I'm just saying that facts are our primary basis, before we add secondary sources, before we go around deciding something is true or not.

Of course, this was obviously also inspired by subjects outside of school. ;3 But I suppose I don't need to specify them.

Basically, on the question about whether what life lessons we get from math, there are a lot, but these are my two-cents. :3


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This is wonderful

You know what they say about assuming? lol! Cool analogy with using life & math.

thanks! :3