in #writing4 years ago


I get too entangled in the fantasies of tomorrow
I really wonder why
It really bothers me that I fantasize a lot

But on the other hand
Being in a realm that is completely the opposite of this world
Is just so peaceful
And heavenly.

Juwon 20180513_082134.jpg

That is the one single place where I can be anything I want to be,
The only place where the ocean can be pink
And the sand white,
Where I can be in five different places at a time,
And have no single problem.

But why don't fantasies come to pass,
Is it too unrealistic?
Or is it just too good.
It is just so confusing.

but if fantasies were to be real
No one would have need for someone else,
Because only then will we be able to do everything by our self's



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