Arcas' Bones (8/12)- Flickering Desires

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Cheering, singing, and hollering, the revelers rushed downhill with blazing torches and streamed into the little cove where the river met the Arcasian sea. In the sky, the light from Callisto and Jupiter cast an amber glow near the horizon and splashed the biosphere’s axis with dark purple shadows. On the beach, the villagers gathered in circles on the sand. In the middle of each circle, a single woman or man lay prone, masticating copious amounts of the green herb b’kuk.

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Dr. Linnaeus and Esmeralda were made to lie within a circle of women. When two of them began to remove his garments, the professor protested and tried to stand up. It was no use. The muscular women held him down firmly and stuffed a wad of b’kuk in his mouth.

The sand vibrated as the villagers rhythmically thumped their poles, spears, and feet upon the ground. Like a heart, beating and thumping as one. Grain after grain tumbled in the dunes. Torches hissed and flames flickered as shades of purple draped the geodesic sky.

A cry in the vaults of heaven. Rattles and drums. The chant of the three shamanic sisters echoed to the murmuring rhythm of the waves. They sang a haunting song- retelling the tale of V’ara, the first woman. Their voices rose in the breeze, reaching a crescendo whereupon all the villagers joined in the discordant tumult. A bird cried in the distance. Then silence across the sea.

Something stirred and quivered in the thicket. The professor looked towards the edge of the forest and saw a pink glowing head poking through the bushes. A stout lizard stood erect on a branch, raising itself with powerful arms. The creature surveyed the scene, and what a sight it must’ve been! A bunch of naked humans doing god-knows-what on the beach. The animal stepped forward, its long claws digging in the sand. Behind it, another critter poked its head through the bushes. Then many more followed, until row upon row of pink lizards marched towards the beach.

“What is the meaning of this?” Dr. Linnaeus asked his two female captors.

The Arcasian women looked at each other and grinned.

“Kuk-sha,” whispered one of them.

“Kuk-sha!” shouted the other, raising her spear.

Kuk-sha! Kuk-sha! Kuk-sha!

The villagers chanted over and over, thumping their poles and spears on the sand.

The professor watched as the lizard entered one of the neighboring circles and approached a woman lying down in the middle. She turned to look at the lizard and the lizard looked back at her. Slowly moving forward, it approached her, and with a flick of its tongue, the creature licked her breast. Turning on her side, the woman swooned and purred as the lizard, now growing confident, licked her over and over, flickering its tongue in quick successive lick-lick-licks over her aroused nipples.

The woman reached over and stroked the lizard’s head, causing it to rise and become engorged, stretching forward as the thick beast sought to lick her body over and over. She reached under it and stroked its belly causing the animal to purr. It closed its eyes and then opened them with dilated pupils. Murmuring in pleasure, the woman lifted the creature before her and lay it on her bosom.


Another eager lizard scrambled up her thigh and with the tale between her legs, it began to undulate and vibrate energetically. The woman purred and stroked the reptile. A whole gang of them soon arrived and joined the orgiastic fray. The lizards’ bodies throbbed and rubbed against each other. Their excitement increased to a feverish pitch and frantic mating ensued. The woman swayed her body and let herself be the canvass upon which the lizards squirted gobs of a pink gelatinous substance, which flowed like honey over her skin. The men and women in the circle threw themselves upon the woman and the lizards, writhing and moaning as they spread the reptilian semen upon each other’s bodies.

“Professor!” he heard Esmeralda call out. “Look!”

Dr. Linnaeus saw a lizard enter their circle. It stood there calmly flicking its tongue.

“Isn’t that Oscar?” said Esmeralda.

The professor squinted and saw the familiar red band on the reptile’s throat.


The austere reptile had been very protective of the professor and his assistant, perching itself upon the window sill and keeping other lizards at bay. Had the creature come to help them? His hope was short-lived, however, as the lizard flicked its tongue and began to move towards them.


Flick flick flick!

The women began to caress Oscar and placed it on top of the professor’s body. The reptile writhed and its sticky tongue licked Dr. Linnaeus' stomach, sending odd shivers throughout his body. Other lizards joined in and began licking and rubbing and writhing in the throes of energetic copulation. Their claws sank into his skin while copious amounts of semen were squirted upon him by the sex-crazed critters. The women laughed and smothered the professor with their strong voluptuous bodies. The circle of bodies around them collapsed on top of them, moaning and groaning as they smeared each other's bodies with the holy sacrament of kuk-sha.

His skin tingled. Trembling. Quivering. Something slid in and out of his mouth. He couldn’t be sure what it was. The sky spun and he could see Callisto beneath the light of Jupiter. The world around him turned on like a neon sign. Somewhere in the vast distance of space, he heard Esmeralda moaning in delirium. And then he was falling, tumbling, sliding down a strange attractor that pulled him towards the archetypal void at the end of history.


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