Chronicles of an ephemeral love (Cap 1)

in #writing4 years ago

And so it happened…

Suddenly I woke up, in that place, after that moment when everything moved, when the walls collapsed ... when that blow to the head knocked me unconscious ...

I waved his body, I shouted his name ... but he did not wake up ...

My eyes were beginning to fill with tears at such a speed that I could not control it, and I could not see his face ...
From outside unknown voices, they shouted: - Is there anyone there?

Out of instinct for survival and largely out of desperation, I started screaming and that's when the paramedics ... came to the place.

While one was trying to help me up, I saw that the other paramedic was examining James's body. I just wanted him to say that everything was fine ... but it was not like that.

He touched his neck desperately, one side, then the other. He tried to find his pulse, in the inguinal region. He placed his stethoscope on James' chest, but I saw it in his eyes, my biggest fear had come true. James was dead. A pool of blood was under his head, blood that I had not seen.

How can our story change so quickly in 2 minutes? To think that 2 minutes ago, before that unfortunate earthquake, we were discussing whether this weekend we would visit my parents or their family. How could this be happening? It must be a nightmare, one of those that happen so that you appreciate what you have in life ... however, I could not wake up and the worst, it seemed to be real ....


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