Do ghost exists? The experience of Chinenye

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Are ghosts real?

that was the question one of my friends asked me one day.

Chinenye has been my friend for some time now though not too long as I met her in the corpers lodge at Eyokponung estate in Udung-Uko local government area of Akwa-Ibom. We became friends who find it comforting sharing life and other experiences with each other. She one day asked me if I think ghost really exists. At first I didn't know what to ansnow and then shevwent on to narrate her experience.

She said her ex-boy friend who died about three years ago has always appeared to her in her dreams. They were both very close during their relationship and loved each other so much. He was so carring and pets her so well. The day he died though according to her, his death was planed by some of his friends who shot him where they were drinking, she was restless and started calling his number but no one will pick.

She tried reaching all his relatives but they all told her to relax that nothing was wrong just to make her stop worrying but she will not rest until she speaks to him. After some hours, some one called her with his boyfriends number telling her to take heart that her boy friend fell by their bullets. That was how she started suspecting her boy friends friends for his death.

She mourned him for so long and during these periods, he always appears in her dreams. It became very disturbing that her people started looking for solution. They did many things with included bathing her with herbs. After those measures, the dreams reduced and she tried to move on with her life.


She fell in love with another man who loved her too. Things were now moving very well for the two new lovers now and one day the dead boy friend came to her dream again. This time, he was very concerned about her well being. Asking her if she was OK where he is now. Petting and still carring about her in the dream. She told him that she was OK where she is now and she said she is fine. He said OK that he was going. After some days, her new boy friend who doesn't know him nor how he looks like woke up very early in the morning just staring at her until she was fully awake. She wanted to know why he was just statlring at her like that early that morning and what she heard made her ask me if ghosts are real. He told her that he saw a man in his dream. He described the man and his description was that of his death boy friend and that man gave him a kind of warning to make sure that he takes good care of her.

Chinenye fell to her face and started crying. She didn't know what to make of the whole thing and neither do I really know much about ghosts. So I am asking you all my friends on steemit and the steemit community. Do ghosts exist? Do you think the dead boy friend is still hovering and protecting her?