9 fascinating examples of Soviet-era architecture

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Some two days ago another listicle of mine written on assignment for the Matador Network made it into the publicity, titled the same as this post. I'm still a beginner, so publications like this still do make me proud and itching to share.

It goes like this: Everything about the Soviet Union was enormous: the land mass, the historical feats, the ambitions, and the mistakes. The USSR has fallen, but its obscure creativity still stands in the shape of massive concrete buildings that reflect the unique spirit of the socialist state. Here are nine examples of big, stark, extravagant Soviet-era constructions that look like science-fiction creations.

Here's the link to the original writing:

9 fascinating examples of Soviet-era architecture

And the sites featured there, are the following:

  1. Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument, Georgia
  2. National Library in Minsk, Belarus
  3. The Memorial House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Bulgaria
  4. The Kruševo Makedonium, FYROM
  5. Ninth Fort, Lithuania
  6. The Pyramid of Tirana, Albania
  7. Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, St. Petersburg, Russia
  8. Druzhba Sanatorium in Yalta, Ukraine
  9. Miner’s Monument, Kosovo

Let me know what you think, yo.

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