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To me it's just a fantasy superhero movie. It doesn't even follow the laws of nature or physics, so I refuse to see it as anything but idealistic yet unrealistic sci-fi.

But it's the first movie ever to give black audiences a super high-budget, high quality piece of entertainment where they own the whole stage and narrative. And I can understand how this is eliciting emotions in a group of human beings who have been fucked over for centuries and are still getting fucked over all the way into the 21st century. Because Africa is still colonized and raped this very second.

Black American? Best possible scenario for a black person to be born into. Freedom and justice for all, lol. Yet the systematic oppression is clear for all to see around the world.

But Wakanda is fantasy. Not even Jeff Bezos plus Bill Gates together or any of the insanely wealthy white fat cats could establish a Wakanda. It's a fantasy like Avatar was a fantasy and it's affecting people in the same way emotionally.

Who do you think financed and made an absolute killing with this film? Africans? Black Americans? No, white people just sold you an impossible dream and took your money because this was the perfect time for this movie to blow up.

Racial tensions, fed-up black people the world over, the current overtly politically correct fashion by the white kids to try and play saviour to the blacks from behind their iPads and $2 000 laptops but achieving sweet fuck all.

Don't be fooled. Let the movie make you feel good in the moment. But it is not a what-if scenario and there can be no link between Wakanda being a viable prospect just because colonization hadn't taken place.

They have colonized your wallets long before " the decolonization". This movie was carefully engineered to affect people like this for the sake of profits.


Whilst you are correct they have sold an impossible dream...You really have to ask yourself if Africa had of been left alone as a continent to develop naturally would it really be unified or would their still be tribal and regional rivalry as there has been for thousands of years? It's a pretty derogatory statement to say white man is the primary cause of all the worlds suffering and misery...It would be fairer to say that the inherent human nature of corruptible power and the blind support of such corruption is the cause of all suffering and misery on the planet...Black, white, these are just social constructs. It is the foundation of emotions (positive, negative) that define us as humans therefor is indistinguishable by a certain physical appearance.
There will always be people that don't like and bigot other people for they way they look this is another fundamental minority inherent flaw among the entire population of the planet. But we really need to see the divisive tactics of Hollywood the media and their corporate master to socially engineer race as some ongoing issue which inadvertently makes it an issue...There really is no need to discuss racial inequality in the current western world because it really only exist culturally within the media...To base such cultural discussions off of individual victimization cases is extremely counter productive considering that individuals of all races are victimized for their appearance probably everyday..I'm sure there are white people who are beat up by black people simply because they are white and vice versa...But per capita this is happening in an extreme minority and is no way justifiable to label an entire group based on their appearance. To do so is to become the very thing you seek to destroy, a racist.

That's why I mention that there can be no link between colonization never happening and Africa ending up a utopia because of that. Humankind, every last culture, even including Buddhists, is a warring species. When the first Europeans landed in Africa, the tribes were slaughtering each other and have been forever. Like everyone else in the world. At the same time Europe was at constant war with itself, but Europe is a continent of scarce resources, so they came to Africa because there is/was an abundance from which to grease their war machines and amass colonial power.

During WW1, there were actually German and English gunships on Lake Malawi.
The French, Dutch and British fought battle after battle on the shores of what is now South Africa, all trying to capture this strategic and resource rich corner of the earth. While this was happening and before he ever set eyes on a white man, King Shaka Zulu played his role as the Genghis Khan of Africa. He overpowered and slaughtered every tribe he came across, took their land and property and forced all captured able bodied men into his army.

We've been at war since the first groups of humans started bumping into each other. Every culture, every colour, every religion. From China to the Americas, Europe to Africa. War has shaped everything about us. We are brutal, opportunistic and power-hungry by nature. And fearful and xenophobic. A psychotic combo for The Crown of Creation to have hanging around its neck.

Some may ask, why does this white guy have so much to say about these things? Because I am 45 years old, born in Africa, my body as it stands 100% constructed from the minerals of its soil and have been surrounded by millions of black people all my life. I have never seen the West. As a kid, I saw the horrors of apartheid with my own eyes and the long term aftermath of brutal and dehumansing occupation by imperialists.

So my perspective is a grassroots one, something I live and breathe. And I grew up dirt-poor by white standards, so my empathy with the downtrodden of any race is pretty strong. But I'm also realistic. Individuals and small groups of people are usually kind and even altruistic, but within a bigger group context or as a species as a whole, we are a bunch of assholes.

I would add one thing that we are more like a bunch of followers with a few assholes leading the way.

You left no stone unturned in giving details as to how colonialism raped Africa without mercy. It is only who witnessed firsthand and felt its long drawn adverse effect can be this empathic. It's sad memories my friend.

Its as if you read my mind

such a true statement

You have said nothing but the truth. I never even looked at it from this angle. Well done

nonsqtr I commend ur take on Black Panther - well said my dear chap and I hope everyone take note of your point, "white people just sold you an impossible dream and took your money because this was the perfect time for this movie to blow up"

We need more people like u sharing your worldview to help transform people's perspective on race. IMHO, there is ONLY ONE race, HUMAN, and our visual differences are merely biological and climatological.

writesbackwards excellent post my friend and I absolutely enjoyed Black Panther, cinema was completely packed and we all knew this was gonna be a box office killer :) I absolutely loved the movie and fell in love with so many of the characters - and the token white dude was pretty awesome ;) ... I was probably 1 of the few people laff'n soOOo HARD at the jokes which eluded many!!

Why did I go see Black Panther?

I have 2 be honest, my 1st reason was to support my West Indian brother and sister;

Winston Duke, who played supervillain Man Ape and
Letitia Wright (Guyanese) who played T'Challa's sister, Shuri

CREDIT: Let's give some credit to Marvel Comics' Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who created the character, Black Panther that 1st appeared in Fantastic Four #52 in July 1966

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