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No Longer Home

By: Christian Cruz

A crowded mailbox
Food fermenting in the fridge
Dust covered bed sheets

About the poem:

I hesitated to write this "explanation" as I was taught that a person should not need to write an explanation for their poem. The poem should suffice. However, this driving sadness is has pushed me to do so. I deal with death, both on a personal and professional level. I am unable to talk about the deaths of those I knew in my personal life due to the overwhelming emotions it would dredge up. With regards to my professional life, I am not allowed to speak of it as I have to protect the privacy of my office's clients. All I can I say is that it's hard for me to deal with all the death I have to encounter it on a day to day basis.

© 2017 Christian Cruz


The only way to deal with death, is to allow it to drive you to grab onto life while you may, and know that those who came before would have wanted that for you.

@littlebitfarm Thanks for taking the time to read my piece.

I agree with you. It just gets hard sometimes, since I have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Why it talking about death??? We will know someday we`ll go on death.
However interesting @oceanrift

@kingsberry thanks for reading and resteeming my piece.

I chose to write about death because well, it's something that's always on my mind due to the nature of my life.

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You're still the best poet on steemit. Another powerful piece.

It's part of the life cycle.. We are all afraid of it and never want to see it coming. That's the truth we have to learn how to accept it.... @oceanrift