Top 5 Favorite Posts This Week

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There is so much good stuff on Steemit worth reading (but also so much not worth it) that I thought I'd write a type of post I always like reading - one featuring the week's best posts! There were plenty of worthy posts this week, and probably will be every week to come...

Top 5 Steemit Posts This Week

1. Utopian Signup - Immediate STEEM Account Creation for Open Source Contributors by @utopian-io

Utopian has delegated a pile of Steem to fund account creation for new Utopian users linking a GitHub account. This should simplify account setup for a large number of new, potentially high-value Steem users.

2. Steemit Quick Start Guide from @sndbox

If you are new to Steem or would like a resource to point newbies to, check out this basic Steemit how-to post from @sndbox. It covers all the major bases without overloading a newcomer with too much detail.

3. How To Use Writing Prompts Right from @arbitrarykitten

@ArbitraryKitten has fantastic content ideas, and one of them was showing shnooks like me how to come up with more good ideas, too. This writing prompts post is part 9 of a 31-part series this month from her on improving your writing.

4. What Makes A Good Father? by @cryptoctopus

Some notes on fatherhood from a son.

5. On Death, the Immortal Soul, and the Paradox of Morality by @malloryblythe

"Humans are fundamentally uncomfortable with meaninglessness, myself included, and it's in our best interest to resist accepting it."

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Whoa, I did not expect to see myself on here. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Great choices and good new stuff to read. Thanks!

Its been quite a while since uve posted anything.. u still around at all?? Seems like u got quite a bit of sp, you should consider delegating it to make passive income while you are not using it.. let me know if u decide that and I can point u in the right direction to maximize ur profits, if not then u should up ur auto vote to me! 😉 lmao.. hope all is well my friend.. take care..

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