Development of Personality Helps in Producing Healthy Society

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Personality can be defined as the sum of man’s mental, physical, personal, behavioral character. Explicit beauty of human may attract people for the time being but in fact, the inner beauty of human taught him that how to live long. The eternal beauty helps the human being to live a successful life. ideology, thinking and perceiving the different things play a vital role in the development of personality.

Personality development depends a lot on the environment in which we live and the company one keeps also play a vital role in the development of personality. If a man keeps a company of negative people, then he will be developed as a negative thinker and can be a burden on society and vice versa.

Education is necessary for the development of good personality as the education teaches the human how to live in a society. It teaches the human that how to behave with other people and bring self-improvement.

Positive thinking is a great tool for developing a charismatic personality. we should solve every type of situation with a positive attitude as such a gesture impart an attractive look on the minds of other people.

Another tool of personality development is soft-spoken. It is a great tool to win the heart of anybody. It is often said that even war can be won by speaking softly. A harsh tone will not only break the matter but can also cause a quarrel between the parties.

Punctuality is also the key tool for personality development. Every task or activity should be performed within its due time or otherwise. Punctual people always get a decent respect in society.